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Uhm, I Meant Cocktails, Not Coffee April 18, 2012

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Cute but stupid, that’s good right?  Better than ugly and brilliant?  Nice guy off of Match messaged me and he apparently actually read my profile as he suggested we meet up.  Yes, my profile clearly states that I am a big believer in chemistry and would much prefer to get to know someone in person rather than via e mail or text.  Sorry, but we all know that I have absolutely no desire to get to know someone before I find out if I want to make out get to know someone! 😉  Anyway, he suggested we meet up.  I said sure, we could meet up for a drink.  He then suggested tomorrow morning or early afternoon.  Uhm, that’s not quite what I meant by ‘drink’.  Do I really need to now go back and revise my profile to reflect my love of all things happy hour?!?!?  Geesh……


11 Responses to “Uhm, I Meant Cocktails, Not Coffee”

  1. lafinwitu65 Says:

    Cut him a little slack, it prob doesnt have anything to do You or Your profile or his lack of attention.

    With my kids, work, friends and hobbies it takes something or someone very, very special to get an evening date from me. My time is valuable and I like to prescreen. An Evening of cocktails has a higher value than an early morning coffee, plus If I need to make a hasty retreat I am still sober and can run. :o)

    For me that initial meeting is just to verify pictures are accurate, there is no wedding ring tan line and there is a bit of chemistry. (oh and pictures match reality) If things go well than I wil plan an official “real date”

    My go to first meeting is a late morning or early afternoon walk along the pier where there is good people watching and lots of options for a quick non- alcholic beverages or a snack. (Since you asked)

    Bottom line, IMHO its a good sign, he priortizes his time.

    • Sadly, you and I have no future together. 😉 I don’t do daytime ‘screenings’, I choose to meet for A cocktail as I don’t like coffee and a ‘real’ drink is just as fast as a coffee with an equally fast getaway plan. Believe me, I do not plan dates for 1st meetings, I’d just rather have a cocktail than a bottle of water…….

      Real reason being ……. even if the guy sucks, at least I’ll enjoy the drink 🙂

      • everevie Says:

        lafinwitu65-I’m definitely with Grey on this. Happy Hour is not exactly a dinner date. And if you get a couple of martini’s into her…you might get a make-out sesh in the parking lot. Lol. (I mean…if you took Grey specifically. Hey! Don’t hate. The woman is very open about her love of kissing. 😉

        Grey…all that being said: I think you should push yourself this time around…to do things that are a bit outside of your box. Suck it up. Go meet him for coffee and just have tea, or steamed milk, or hot cocoa instead.

        Seriously…you can sneak in a flask of vodka. Lol. 😉

        • Tea?! As in Long Island Iced???? 😉

          And hello? I have not kissed a single person other than you know who since June! Of LAST YEAR! (and, for the record, it’s been over 2 months since I’ve kissed you know who) 😦 I think I’ve forgotten how.

    • lafinwitu65 Says:

      Between this and being geographically undesireable, alas we were doomed from the beginning :o(
      but my attraction to unobtainable women trumps that and ensures additional visits to your blog. :o)

      I love the beach and its for conversation. We are talking about Laguna, Newport or Huntington Beach and not a boring Starbucks, however I would (and have) broken my “guidelines for the right person, I am not inflexible. especially if that was the only time convenient for the 2 of us.

      Your insight has been awesome and gives me renewed hope that my own GG is out there wading through endless shirtless ab pics looking for me right now.

      • I love the beach as well but the closest one being a scant 6.5 hour drive from me sort of excludes it as an option for an ‘interview’ 😉 Your GG IS out there looking for you! Hell, you can do better than someone like me ….

        • lafinwitu65 Says:

          It isnt or should be about coffee or lack of coffee, its about a quiet place to meet, talk and get to know each other. The venue doesnt matter.I like to meet up at a mall or unique place that has interesting quirky shops and stores that will create lots of opportunity for natural conversation. So it doesnt seem as much like an interview. I have ended up spending the entire day with someone. after an initial coffee date. If a girl specifies no coffee dates in her profile I respect that and suggest something else. I have played pool and darts on a first meeting, I have met for Coldstone ice cream, and of course beer tasting (my weakness) It really depends on the girl and our interests.

  2. Matthew Says:

    I’m sure you’ll hate hearing this *;)* but I think things are starting to go the way (if not already) of initial meetings of people between coffee and whatnot. I think coffee shops out number people in the US 3:1.

    I know, for me personally, I’d always recommend meeting for coffee over cocktails; however I’d also suggest a late afternoon or evening coffee meeting.

    Though I don’t completely agree with this frame-of-mind I was often told morning/daytime dates (especially the first few dates with someone) more so imply friendship rather than something romantic.

    Again, I don’t agree with it completely..but then again I was single for 5 years between relationships.

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