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Who Knew? A Little Lesson On Visibility…….. April 26, 2012

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So I could have sworn when Match would send me my ‘daily matches’ (the ones you had to long in to see, not the lame assed ones they e mail you with), you could click on the ‘read more’ regarding their profile and since you weren’t actually on their page, ‘they’ wouldn’t be able to see that you looked at their page.  I guess I’m still learning.  Remember how you know who was sent to me the other day in my daily matches?  Well I figured I would finally get to read his profile as I wouldn’t register on his ‘who viewed me page’.  Uhm, wrong.  As I was giving my 3rd and hopefully final goodbye speech to TD last night he blurts out ‘you looked at my profile’.  Erm, yes I did you big douchebag and guess what?  It sucked!  He mentioned the word ‘perfect’ more than once and uses improper English a few times.  He also claims to open and honest and affectionate.  Okay fine, he IS all of those things.  He just happens to lead people (i.e. me) on and is not in the mental place right now to be ‘looking for that perfect forever woman’.  Oh, and I didn’t actually say any of those things.  I do believe my stellar response went something more along the lines of …….. ‘so?’.

Yup, I’m a keeper!


7 Responses to “Who Knew? A Little Lesson On Visibility……..”

  1. everevie Says:

    You ARE a keeper!!!

    And the response, “So?”, is perfectly reasonable…because…seriously…, so????

    So what if you looked at his profile? So? You were curious. He’s your “friend”…and it’s a public-frickin-profile!!!


  2. lafinwitu65 Says:

    Shakespeare would be proud to call you a fellow wordsmith.

  3. From my own experience, Match.com is NOT good at all with the daily matches.

    I spent a lovely hour or two talking to a Korean lady about life and things we had in common. We laughed and got along very well. Eventually, she said, “But I don’t get why you contacted me.” I pointed out that she’d been presented to me by the Daily Loving This-Is-Perfect Match algorithm. She said, “But in my profile, I said specifically that I don’t want to go out with someone who has kids. You have THREE of them.” And that was that.

    So, yay Match for ignoring the special requests of its customers. On the other hand, many of the other women it offered were ones I wouldn’t have found myself without diligent and repetitive searching. In short, working with Match is treating it as a numbers game. Sometimes it will offer you diamonds and sometimes it will offer you manure.

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