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I’ve Traded In My Wink April 27, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 4:20 pm

Damn, I think I’m getting writers cramp.  I actually sent a bona-fide message to not one but two guys on match.  Although I have been doing my searches and whatnot on there I have not had anyone spark enough of an interest for me to do anything other than send a lame wink.  I know!  I hate those but they are one of my (very few) double standards.  I think it’s the guys’ responsibility to message me.  Yes, even in response to me sending a lame wink.

Anywhoo, I was going thru my 7 daily matches today and I actually bothered to read two of the profiles.  The guys were funny and self deprecating.  Now, don’t go getting all excited for me because although yes I actually sent a message to them both, they were each only one line long.  And totally sarcastic.  And I even forgot to put my name in one (honestly because I think I may have winked at him last year and can’t remember if he responded back or not).  Needless to say, I will not be holding my breath on either of these two bachelors, but at least I tried.  Sort of.


5 Responses to “I’ve Traded In My Wink”

  1. silly_G Says:

    Funny! My approach has always been message the guys Im interested in. I’d say 90% result in a date and seem to have better luck with those ones over any that message me first! Hope one of them bites 😀

  2. husbandhunter1 Says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, since I’m not doing much dating these days, and all I do is triathlon shit. But I had to sign on to tell you about this OK cupid retard that now lives in your hometown (hooray)… I think I blogged about him. He’s on OKstupid as inimitable1. And he’s the guy I blogged about back in January who tripped out and lost his shit when I wouldn’t sleep with him. Complete psycho. I figure since you have about the same luck I do, he’s bound to contact you.

    • Hiya HH! I hope your training is going well. Uh, thanks for the warning. If it weren’t Friday night and the fact that I don’t want the online losers to know that I am also a loser home on a Friday night, I’d race over and check out his profile! I will absolutely do it tomorrow though! 🙂

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