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More ‘Helpful’ Tips from TD April 27, 2012

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I can’t believe I forgot to share with all (two) of you one of the stellar pieces of advice that TD bestowed upon me the other night as I was explaining why I couldn’t be his ‘friend’ anymore.  We’re all well aware that the man is more than just a little deluded in the part that he has played in my unhappiness.  He honestly believes that if I had other things going stellar in my life right now, I would be totally fine with his rejection of the mere idea of dating me and his continuing to date everyone in town while keeping me as a friend.  I actually got tired of trying to explain it to him so just started nodding my head.  He’s convinced that if I started dating someone, even as just a diversion, that I wouldn’t have an issue with his rejection of me and his dating the masses.  Gotta love guys……they’re so erm, simple.  He actually phrased it more along the lines of ‘although I wouldn’t like to see you dating someone, maybe you should ……..’.  Ugh.  Gotta love the double standards.  Anyway, I just kinda nodded and said that apparently he has an easier time making ‘connections’ than I do and he suggested ……… wait for it……. that I try EHarmony!  WTF!  I almost gave him a link to my blog posts on that (along with a swift kick in the nads)!  Dumb fucker……..did he really just say that to me?  I wonder if that’s where he met the unfortunate whore woman that he ‘almost’ slept with before dumping her.  In a car………. *gag*


7 Responses to “More ‘Helpful’ Tips from TD”

  1. “dirty dawg” !!! Keep your chin and head up. Apparently, from what I’ve heard anyway, not all men are dawgs. Keep raisin’ that bar of yours. Looking forward to more of your awesome posts! 🙂

  2. everevie Says:

    I think he’s convinced of this theory because it makes him feel like less of an asshole.

    Basically, he wants to:

    1. Date other people but keep you around to fill whatever void dating leaves him with.
    2. Have you date other people so he feels less guilty.
    3. Doesn’t want you to actually like any of those people so he can keep you as his fall-back plan.
    4. Have you be okay with being his fall-back plan.
    5. Have you be okay with NOT being his fall-back plan.
    6. Have you be okay with however long he feels like taking to figure it all out.

    Arrrrrrghhh!!!! He can’t see how unreasonable he is being???

    • I agree with you on all counts and no, he can’t see how unreasonable he’s being. He most likely thinks that I am the one being unreasonable. He thinks I should just be ‘okay’ with the fact that he can’t give me what I want from him 😦

  3. ifUseekAmy Says:

    “although I wouldn’t like to see you dating someone” <– and then he thinks it's fine and dandy when you have to see him dating other people and he talks openly about it to you?! F'ing clueless. Or completely self-centered. Probably both.

    • ifUseekAmy Says:

      makes me want to get real punchy….like get on a plane, fly to Phoenix, and junk punch a certain someone

      • Thanks Amy. This last go around, he hasn’t talked openly about the dates to me, i’ve asked (in the hopes that full disclosure would help me to make up my mind). Not sure about the self centered part but absolutely clueless…..

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