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Reasons To Be Proud Of Myself April 28, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 12:01 am

1) I didn’t actually put off saying goodbye to TD until after Monday, when we were all going to go speed boating.  This may not seem like a big thing, but I’ve been dying to go on his boat (and NO, that is not a euphemism for anything dirty) and I was actually going to get to go on Monday 😦

2) I have not called TD, nor have I even cried today much

3) I am not having as hard a time with not calling, texting, messaging or the prospect of never seeing him again as I would have thought (especially since his contact information is deleted from my phone).  I do have to wonder if that’s because I know that I’ll see him again?  Either because I’m a big huge wus and will end up calling or that I think he’ll contact me and that we’ll end up living happily ever after ?

4) I actually changed my air filters today (the one’s for the a/c at home, not in my car) and only fell off the step stool once.  Okay, twice, but no one was looking.

5) I wrote out a very well thought out (or so I think) list of things to illustrate how TD has been jerking me around as I truly don’t think he realizes it.  Will I sent it?  Who knows.  Will I post it in order to bore the shit out of you all so you can see and tell me if it’s a good or bad idea?  You betcha!

6) I did not go on a Match.com rampage when I received my 574th message from some old/fat/ugly/non local/stupid man today. 🙂

7) As I spent way too much money yesterday on things I don’t need and my cruise ended up costing waaaay more than I thought it would, I’m being economical and doing happy hour at home tonight.  Okay, technically today as I started around 3 pm. 🙂


4 Responses to “Reasons To Be Proud Of Myself”

  1. silly_G Says:

    Wash that man out of your hair….. And don’t you dare send it!

    • I’m trying …… I really am …… but don’t you want to at least see how lame it is first? 😉

      • silly_G Says:

        Haha! 😉
        Dammit, I can’t stand watching it. It’s like a mix of me loving the trucker for 8 months while the math guy loved me. Math guy finally dropped me completely out of his life and I had to do the same with the trucker. Matters of the heart are killer 😦

  2. Lisa Says:

    so, where’s the letter to TD? can’t wait to see it!

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