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MIA April 30, 2012

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No, not the singer who flipped off the world during the Superbowl and not that I have actually gone missing (although I kind of have, in a totally introspective and lame kinda way).  What I seem to be missing lately is my friggin’ MoJo!!  Where the hell did I put it?  It’s not on the counter, or in the freezer, or on top of my dresser.  When I last had it, I was at TD’s and we all know he probably stole it from me. 😉 Okay, to be fair, I probably gift wrapped it up and left it for him to do with what he wanted.  Which was apparently to kick it around a bit before throwing it away.  (damn, how was that for ‘woe is me’?)

I’ve never had amazing ‘game’.  I just am who I am and usually that works out okay for me in that I can hold my own.  I can usually talk to a wall, correspond with a moron, entertain myself (minds out of the gutter people) and most importantly can write a wicked good e-mail to a cute douchebag bachelor online.  Usually.  Apparently not today though.  There was a very handsome guy on Match that I saw yesterday.  Aside from his rugged good looks and a killer smile to set off his tall blondeness, he had a lame assed profile.  Oh wait ……. that’s not good.  It was short and uninformative and stated he was new to online dating.  Yey!  How many red flags can he throw up at once?  Of course I liked him!  So I sent him a wink.  Haha, I can be lame too.  And he winked back.  Damn.  Now it was up to me to send an actual e-mail but his profile gave me nothing to go on aside from the fact that he works out a lot and loves to spend time with his son.  Great.  Did I happen to mention how handsome he is?  Oh, and that he said he’s looking for his soul mate?

While I would usually send a funny little nothing note, I instead sent an un-funny little boring note.  I swear, I couldn’t figure out what the heck to write.  Kinda like my blog posts lately.  I’m guessing there will not be much of a follow-up post regarding our 1st or 2nd date, our eventually falling in love and impending nuptials……. darn it 😉


3 Responses to “MIA”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    You no when you least expect it, one of these guys is gonna be ‘the one’.

  2. JaneDoePhx Says:

    Some of the best men I dated had scant profiles. I like that they don’t put too much out there.

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