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A Coffee Date, A Speed Date & A Drop Off May 4, 2012

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So I may actually be meeting someone from Match this weekend.  Oh crap, I’m so sorry, I should have warned you before dropping that little bombshell on you.  Funny,  it’s the guy who only mentioned ‘fitness’ and his love of ‘all things gym related’ about a bazillion times in his profile.  I think I winked at him about a month ago, he wrote back a lame one line reply about 2 weeks after that.  Not one to be outdelayed, I waited almost a week to send a one line response and then ……….nothing.  Until he sent me his number last week.  That’s it, just his number and his name.  I sent a smart ass text to him the other day that went along the lines of ‘gee, if it takes you 2 weeks to respond to a message off of match, I can’t wait to see the lag time on replying to a text’ 🙂 Any wonder I’m still single?  Anyway, he turns out to be a pretty decent guy.  A bit fitness obsessed, but meh …….. the worst that could happen is he whips my ass into shape.  Take that any way you want. 😉

We ‘may’ meet for coffee (yeah, yeah, I know) tomorrow or Sunday.  Or sometime next week.  Or never.  I guess we’ll see.

Uhm, I signed up for speed dating!  Is it wrong to be kind of excited about this?  Yup, I signed up for the 35-45 year old age group ’cause really, I don’t like older guys all that much and fuck the young ones that think I’m old.  I’m not.  Much.  At the very least it will provide for some fabulous blog fodder.  I hope.

I’m dropping off TD’s things to his house tonight.  When he’s at happy hour with his shitty male friends ’cause although I haven’t shared this yet, before I had a chance to even decide if I was going to go thru with seeing him tonight or not, he sent me a message on Tuesday stating that ‘although I knew we had plans to meet up on Friday, M & R invited me to happy hour and I hope you understand how important it is for me to meet with these guys’.  Uhm, fuck you?  Important to meet for happy hour?  No, you just want to and of course just assumed that you could reschedule me.  Well guess what?  Today was important TO ME!  For him to cancel on me and apparently not be worried in the least that I was going to tell him to have a nice life (it’s been almost 2 weeks now, right?) was ridiculous.  And made my decision very easy.  Everything else aside, I am done being taken for granted and made to feel that although yes, I am his best friend, that I am somehow less important than his male friends are.  Whatever.  I sent him an amazingly pissy reply letting him know that I would drop his stuff off at his house.  I hope he has an awesome time with his guy friends.  And doesn’t run over his shit when I plop it in his garage while he’s out.  (and yes, he’s tried to call and message me but I have a filter set up on my e mails so his go into a special folder that I don’t have to see, and I’ve not taken or returned his calls).  I’m probably going to have to eventually in order to prevent him from showing up on my doorstep, but not today!



4 Responses to “A Coffee Date, A Speed Date & A Drop Off”

  1. everevie Says:

    All I can say…to all three items…is: Wooooooohooooo!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. HI FIVE!!!!!!! Keep up the great job! I’m so proud of you……*sniff*

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