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So I Hadn’t Actually Cancelled….. May 5, 2012

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But you already knew that.  Being the train wreck/doormat of a human that I’ve been lately, I hadn’t actually cancelled with TD regarding Friday.  In a moment of weakness last Saturday (yes, a whopping 3 whole days after my hopefully final goodbye speech) I asked if he could meet up Friday night if he didn’t already have plans.  Uhm, since when do I make ‘reservations’ to see someone an entire week in advance?  At the very least, I had set that as my deadline to pull my head out of my ass.  As we all know I waffled back and forth on whether or not I could actually tell him to fuck off and stick to it.  His brilliant engineering mind told me to take 2 weeks to decide.  As if.  Anyway, I had collected all of his things from my house and was wavering between just dropping the stuff off at his house when he wasn’t home, or actually meeting up with him on Friday to give him everything.  And tell him that I was done.  As I was still deciding which to do I got an e mail from him.  Stating that 2 of his (shitty) friends had invited him to happy hour on Friday and he hoped I understood ‘how important it was for him to meet with these guys’.  As if it were a job interview or once in a lifetime event.  TD has always had this thing about thinking he needs more/better male friends.  He does.  The ones he has kinda suck.  These 2 for friday are a couple of the more sucky ones.  So while he’s telling me that they are more important than meeting with me, I am thanking him for making my decision that much easier.


4 Responses to “So I Hadn’t Actually Cancelled…..”

  1. He’s an ass. I’m glad he helped you make your decision. Its the right one!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Isn’t nice to have a decision made for you? Sweeeet! Buh bye!

  3. Zella Says:

    I’ve been reading your blog only a short while now, but this TD person reminds me of a man I was involved with a few years ago. Let me tell you — the sooner you cut all ties with him, the sooner you start healing and time will do the rest. I remember thinking I could never live without this person in my life, I was convinced he was my soulmate, he just hadn’t understood it yet…. it did not make any sense to me that we would not end up together. Five years later I know I did the right decision and can now see what kind of person he really was. He just wasn’t that into me. Had I stuck around, he would’ve kept on playing me like a marionette forever. At least now I have my self esteem back for leaving him in the past — and that’s exactly where he belongs. My humble advice would be not to waste another minute of your life even thinking about him. Move on, heal, and look happiness in other things and other people…..he’s taken enough time off your life, don’t let him continue doing that for a second longer.
    P.S. love your blog 🙂

  4. Lisa Says:

    I totally agree with Zella, TD is playingyou like a fiddle, get rid of him. You bump up his ego but he will never want to be with you. Don’t waste your time with him. We all have had a TD in our lives, please don’t judge yourself by his actions. Move on my dear, you will find someone eventually but not if he is in your life and mind….

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