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Sometimes It’s Just Good Sense To Say No May 7, 2012

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So I had an amazing set of plans for Cinco de Mayo weekend that involved doing laundry, drinking at home, giving the dogs a bath and posting a fake status on FB solely because I’m an immature bitch and know that TD checks my status updates. 😡 Yeah, I guess maturity has absolutely nothing to do with chronological age.  Duh.  Anyway, I was a-ok not having any major plans for Cinco De Mayo as I kinda rank that up there along with New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day as far as ‘amature hours’ go.  No need to go drink in public and take a chance of some random tool throwing up on me.  As luck would have it though, I got a case of ants in my pants and called a friend that happens to live within walking distance of a mexican restaurant with a fairly decent bar.  Hey, it’s only responsible to walk to a bar when your sole intention is to see how many free shots you can get sent, right?  Anyway, we got there around 7, had a bite to eat and then ordered some drinks.  Followed shortly by my brilliant idea to do shots of chilled Patron Silver.  Now I am by no means a fan of tequila shots (especially when not actually in Mexico), but I gotta tell you, that stuff was nice.  I didn’t even need the lime chaser.  Impressive.  Not.  So we’re at the bar laughing and having a good time when 2 more shots get put in front of us.  Score!  A nice older gentleman named John apparently had a bunch of money burning a hole in his pocket as he sent probably 10 shots to random people.  Thanks John!  And then he sent another round.  And another.  And because I’m an idiot and forgot that although I used to be able to drink my college football team under the table, college was a loooong time ago and I no longer do shots.  Much less 4.

I don’t remember a lot of the rest of the evening other than knowing that my friend and I made it home safely and that I neither threw up on anyone nor was I thrown up on by anyone.  I did forget the cardinal rule of thumb when drinking WAY past your limit of being sure to eat something before bed.  Being sure to drink a lot of water before bed.  Being sure to take aspirin before bed.  I did none of these things and paid for it all day yesterday.  So in addition to being on the wagon for most of this week it has been decided that while Cinco De Mayo was kinda fun, it best be left to the younger set as Seis De Mayo kinda really sucked!


8 Responses to “Sometimes It’s Just Good Sense To Say No”

  1. ifUseekAmy Says:

    That sounded like a fun night! Even though you were paying for it the next day.

    Oh, and de-friend TD, please. No need for him to have access to your life (even if only online).

    • Thanks Amy; it was a fun night. Nope on the FB defriending ….. sorry. I’m ‘friends’ with his son as well. TD only has access to what I decide to post on FB and I’m okay with that right now.

  2. Lisa Says:

    that means you are really growing up if getting trashed in a bar no longer holds the same excitement as it once did – kudos to you

    • 🙂 Impressive, right Lisa?

      • Lisa Says:

        well, don’t judge yourself if you find yourself stumbling around sometime. It’s funny how those shots just seem to make all reason go out the window!! I’m so old now I start having chest pain when I drink too much so I don’t have to have self control, my body does it for me . . .

  3. Colleen Says:

    Just curious, how do you know he checks your Facebook?

    • Hi Colleen ~ he’s always told me he does. He always used to mention things to me about my status updates and I know how he ‘works’ ….. if he can’t talk to me, he’ll look for ‘clues’ to see what’s going on/how I’m doing

  4. Colleen Says:

    Thanks. I occasionally spy on an ex, and wondered if he could tell. LOL!

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