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Those That Can’t Do, Teach May 8, 2012

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So I follow a lot of blogs.  You wouldn’t know it by the lame amount of comments I make regarding others’ posts (sorry, I kinda suck about that), but I do.  I get very involved in these awesome people’s lives and posts and thoughts.  Thoughts about life and love and loss and *gasp* internet dating.  We all know that I hate am a big proponent of internet dating.  It serves a purpose.  It allows married men to cheat on their wives while also allowing commitment phobes to waste a hell of a lot of people’s time. It provides a social outlet for those that don’t work in office environments; who aren’t ‘joiners’ in clubs; who don’t hang out in bars; and who don’t have a lot of single friends that they can hit up for dates.  I will be the first to admit that for some strange reason, online dating attracts a lot of people with questionable morals or any sort of interest in treating people well.  It’s like a scavenger hunt.  You need to find that worthless piece of pocket lint and used q-tip before you can find that ever elusive safety pin.  Online dating is full of people there to waste time at others’ expense.  Full of people who are ‘socially challenged’ and who feel more comfortable creating an image (which may or may not have any resemblance to who they really are) online than in public.  People who hope that they can make you fall in love with their sparkling personality and quick wit so that you will overlook the fact that they are 15 years older and 30 pounds heavier than the photo that they posted.

Yup, I kinda hate internet dating.  But I still do it.  I KNOW that there are good people out there.  I know people who have met wonderful men/women online.  I have even met some wonderful people online (granted, most are women that I’ve met thru my blog, but whatever) ;-).  While I will never understand why some people are actually on dating sites when they don’t actually want to date, I will never lose faith in it.  Sure, I have more than my share of tirades regarding the lack of good men online, but hell, maybe they are looking at my profile and complaining about the lack of good women.  I refuse to believe that my special someone isn’t out there and I am going to do all that I can to try and find him.  Be it speed dating (yikes – what should I wear?) or delving into my 3rd year of internet dating.

This go around has been different from those of the past.  I haven’t put much effort into it and it really is true that you only get out of it what you put into it.  Since I haven’t much given a shit about guys, I have coincidentally attracted guys who apparently don’t give a shit about me.  yey.  Oh wait.  Mr. Fitness, who I spoke with last week and who wanted to meet for coffee over the weekend never happened.  We were going to meet on Saturday, but I got busy and asked if we could meet on Sunday.  He said he was playing golf and ‘we’d just play it by ear’.  I kinda hate that saying.  I’m not a ‘play it by ear’ kinda gal.  I get pulled in about 52 different directions on a daily basis and I am much more of a planner than a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal.  Of course I responded, via text don’t you know, ‘sure’.  And that was the end of that.

Now, there was a very attractive tall drink of water that I sent a lame one line message to back on April 26th.  He proceeded to check out my profile daily but never responded.  Until Saturday (May 6) saying that he thought we should meet and asked if I would prefer coffee, lunch or a cocktail.  No clue if this was a test a or not, but as I’m swamped this week with work, lunch wouldn’t be doable and I’m not a big coffee drinker, I suggested meeting for a drink after work on either Wednesday or Friday and for him to just let me know the time and place.  I guess it didn’t occur to me that since it took him a full 10 days to respond to my 1st message, that he wouldn’t be all that quick on the response for this one and I haven’t heard back from him.  And don’t really care.

I’m done making other people a priority.  If these douchebags *cough* bachelors want to meet me, then they need to put in the effort.  They need to plan it, confirm it and follow through on it.  I’m kinda worth at least that much effort.  No really.

Anyway, this wasn’t meant to be a slam-fest on online dating.  I just want those of you that may be new to the medium to realize that it takes some broad shoulders.  You can’t take these slights personally.  You can’t think that it’s something you did wrong.  You have to know that there are good ones mixed in with the craptastic ones.  It just takes a hell of a lot some effort to weed them out.  Don’t get discouraged!  Keep plugging away.  Remain optimistic.  Once you’ve all committed this to memory and think you’ve got it down, if you would be kind enough to remind me, that would be much appreciated!


4 Responses to “Those That Can’t Do, Teach”

  1. everevie Says:

    I guess I’m one of those people on online dating sites who doesn’t really wanna date. In my defense, I was drunk and pissed off at my imaginary boyfriend (PA Guy) when I signed up for 2 different 3-month memberships. Since then…I’ve pretty much only winked at/emailed one hot person (…my good friend Shrmey Shmoose–you may know her)…and I went out with one weirdo guy. I am putting ZERO effort into it. So much so, that I canceled both memberships not long after signing up…now I’m just waiting for the time to wind down on them. 🙂

    • Well now Miss Evie (thanks for the plug, btw) you are only wasting someone’s time if you initiate contact and SAY you want to meet up, but then magically become too busy or fall of the face of the earth 🙂 And hello? Who has ever joined a dating site while sober?!?

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