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Ha, I May Have Met My Match…… May 16, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 12:01 am

In the passive aggressive department that is.  What?  Did you think I mean in a sappy ‘soul-mate’ kinda way?  Do you know nothing about me?  Mr. Fitness and I were kinda sorta supposed to meet on Sunday.  I told him I was free before 11 and he said ‘great! we’ll chat later and figure it out’.  Gag.  Of course, I did nothing to follow through.  That’s his job.  Apparently he thought it was my job as he did nothing to follow through either.  I wonder if he’s as unexcited about meeting me as I am about him?  The weekend comes and goes and no meeting, no messages, no nothing.  Oh well.  No biggie.  I did text him Monday night with a ‘Well shoot Mr Fitness, at this rate we may actually meet by Thanksgiving.  Hope you had a great weekend’.  To which I get in response “Grey Goose, you didn’t call me.  It’s a two way street sweetie……..’ To which I respond ‘I certainly wasn’t blaming you, I guess were just both waiting to hear from the other and got busy’.

‘I guess so babe…..’  was his final response.  Uhm, I love little terms of endearment too, but really?  Sweetie and Babe in the same text stream?  Probably not intended in the most lovey dovey of ways ………


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