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Match Mixer & Mystic Signs June 21, 2012

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So I went to that happy hour sponsored by Match.com with a new friend on Tuesday.  Yes, this is the friend that is a friend of TD’s.  She is very nice and I actually didn’t ask her much.  I would never want her to violate her friendship with him for the sake of clarification on my part.  Eh, who knew I had a conscience?  Anyway, we met up for a drink before heading over to the bar that it was being held at.  We walked in and well, uhm, not to sound conceited because I am pretty damn far from that, but boy did I feel attractive. 😉  The women there were just so random.  There was actually some lady there in terry cloth pants (ill fitting) and a visor.  No, she did not look like a tennis player either.  Anyway we mingled, we giggled, we chatted, we drank, we flirted (well she flirted, I just gave the guys a hard time) and we had a really great time.  I ended up meeting a very nice guy from Las Vegas who is 6’9″ and who was great to talk to.  We basically spent most of the night talking to them.  Too bad that apparently my character judgement skills are a bit rusty because as we left and I slyly slipped him my business card (yup, I’m lame), I kinda hoped I’d hear from him again.  And guess what?  I did!  At 2am when I received the uber romantic text of ‘hey, I just found your card, so…….are we hooking up or what?’  Yeah, I’ll go with the ‘or what’ option …….. *sigh* ……. apparently I’m out of practice ………


In other, more cosmic news, remember how I used to kinda sorta follow my lame horror scopes each day and kinda sorta (not) started thinking Miss Cleo might be onto something?  Well, I haven’t been doing that much lately.  Probably out of fear that the universe would bitch slap me for being such an idiot.  Anyway, I didn’t make my final decision about going to the lake until last night.  And since then, my 2nd job has given me additional responsibilities that I must complete before I go.  One of my tenants wants to meet with me.  My not so smart phone has crapped out (uhm, apparently Motorolla phones, which I purchased at the T-Mobile store, are no longer compatible with T-Mobile?) and they need to send me a replacement phone.  Uhm, I’m supposed to leave at noon tomorrow, so how does that work?  Anyway, until I get my new phone I am sporting a Nokia flip phone compliments of job #2.  Awesome.  Oh, and I just checked the weather forecast for the lake.  Although it has been in the low 80s and sunny for the past 2 weeks, it is supposed to be a high of 64 tomorrow and stay in the 60s thru next week.  I do think these not so subtle signs are telling me not to go.  As I’ve already told all of my amazingly supportive friends to shove it regarding their disagreement with my decision to go, I will do the same to the universe……… shit, I hope my plane doesn’t crash.


One Response to “Match Mixer & Mystic Signs”

  1. silly_G Says:

    This just in… Trend continues across the continent: Men are idiots and the weather sucks.

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