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But He’s A Dork :-( July 5, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 5:39 pm

So I just got three (yes, that would be three) consecutive messages from a witty guy on Match.  The messages were short and funny and dealt directly with my profile.  It was as if he’d forgotten to say something in his previous snippet, so sent another quick one my way.  Totally something I would stop myself from doing do.  His profile is cute and funny and he sounds like a nice guy.  Too bad he’s kinda dorky.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love me a huge dork (and consider myself a bit of one), but he kinda reminds me of mayo on white bread when I look at his pictures.

I sure could do with a meet up with someone normal who likes me, but is it fair if I’m not totally jazzed about him?  Maybe he’s just not photogenic?  Maybe I’m too much of a superficial bitch? Geesh …….what to do, what to do ……….

*updated to say ………… i just couldn’t do it.  I looked as his pics and yup, it’s official, I’m a superficial bitch …….. who knew?  Oh wait ………we all knew that.   I sent him one of those uber lame ‘thanks but no thanks’ canned rejection options that match so conveniently provides ……. i suck 😦


4 Responses to “But He’s A Dork :-(”

  1. annie Says:

    I say give it a chance, especially if he made you laugh, doesn’t have half naked bathroom pictures, dead animal pictures, or atrocious spelling and grammatical errors (I have high standards, I know.) You never really know until you meet a person, and it is sometimes hard to get an accurate idea based on the profile.

  2. sillyG Says:

    Pictures never do justice (umm well okay that’s a lie considering most men post the most ‘recent’ pic of when they had hair.) Wait match has canned PFOs… wow.

  3. JennyExiled Says:

    I think many men have a hard time instinctively putting their best foot forward online. Women seem to know what makes a good photo. Men, not so much. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by men’s in-person appearance before (of course, I’ve been equally horrified just as many times). One of the hottest guys I ever dated didn’t have a photo at all. So I’m all for taking a chance, but if you know it won’t work then it’s just as well to cut your losses. Sounds like you weren’t into him, so I think you did the right thing.

  4. It doesn’t make you superficial bitch. If you’re not feeling it, then you’re not feeling it. There WILL be others:)

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