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Everything’s A Competition July 13, 2012

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I come from a competitive family.  Everyone has to try to one up everyone else.  How else can you be the best?  And make the other person feel inferior?  Nice, right?  I don’t really play that game in my family.  I’m fine taking last place, being the ‘black sheep’ and I’ve almost perfected being a ‘bad daughter’ and ‘shitty sister’.  I’m not quite there yet, but a few more months and I should be platinum level in both categories! 🙂 I have never felt the need to win.  To prove that I’m better than anyone else.  I don’t think I am.  I think I’m pretty neato, but heck if I’m going to try to ‘beat’ anyone at anything.

My twin sister, the one who’s husband was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident back January, dropped a bit of a bombshell on me last week.  When she mentioned that she was dating again.  Not just dating, but online dating.  Uhm……….. No judgement, it just threw me off.  Especially since she didn’t even ask me about it.  Hello?  I blog about this shit.  Oh wait, not sure that she knows that.  Anyway, she is fishing in an entirely different pool than I am.  She actually likes JDate.  Yuck!  Not sure how long she’s been back dating, but she’s had about 47 dates in the last 2 weeks (that might be a slight exageration).

She knows about some of my history with TD and his kids.  She knows what’s going on right now and pretty much how devastated I am.  And she’s has never once asked how I was doing.  Awesome.  I am well aware that the majority of my friends are about ready to smack the shit out of me by now, but I really don’t talk to my sister about anything that matters.  And this matters.  I had a bad day  today and anyone that either saw me or talked to me could tell something was wrong.  It was in my voice and apparently written all over my face.  As I was leaving a breakfast this morning, I called my sister to see how she was doing.  She could tell something was wrong as she said ‘you sound weird’ but instead of asking what was wrong, she opted to tell me about her awesome dating life.  And how she has a third date tonight.  With a pharmacist.  And instead of being excited for her and for my own possible future hook up for discounted pharmaceuticals, all I could think was WTF?!?  Now while I’m fairly certain he’s the quintessential short, nappy haired, momma’s boy kinda guy, I can’t think when the last time was that I had a 3rd date.  Or even a 1st ……… 😦

Now I guess I could have had a 1st date with a guy from the match mixer the other night as he was ‘okay’.  His wingwoman was a bit odd though.  Kinda white trash, kinda been around the block a few hundred times, kinda crude.  Not really my style.  He was fun to talk to, didn’t make me want to throw myself off the balcony, but certainly didn’t get me all excited by the prospects.  Especially after I went to talk to him out on said balcony and he wandered off to the other end of the patio to text someone.  And then texted me, at 11pm that night, to see ‘what happened to me’?  Uhm.  I left, Einstein………


6 Responses to “Everything’s A Competition”

  1. SillyG Says:

    lol. “I blog about this shit”

  2. Matthew Says:

    I’m slightly perplexed that she’s already dating again after the death of her husband. Sure, I don’t think there’s a “set” time frame that must elapse before dating…but if I were married and my spouse died (tragically of all ways) I probably would not be back in the dating world 6 months later.

    Am I miss some sort of under-ground publication that indicates various ways relationships can end; then it has a chart comparing ‘Ending’ to ‘Time Together’ and then you get the appropriate frame of time to get back into things?

    • Hiya Matthew. Geesh, I’m with you. I mean I can maybe understand her wanting to go on some 1st dates just to ‘see’ or have something to do, but to get to a 3rd date with someone so soon does concern me a bit …… as she didn’t ask my opinion though, I’ll just keep it to myself 😡

  3. JennyExiled Says:

    Ha! So this is not the same at all, but I’m feeling a little competitive with a coworker who just signed up for Match. She’s getting oodles of attention, and while I’m very happy for her, there is a nagging voice in the back of my head telling me to step up my own game or she’s going to land a boyfriend before I do.

    As for when is the right time to start dating again after a loss… Who can say? I dated a widower around this time last year. His wife had been dead for less than a year. I thought it was a red flag, but he was so open and candid about it that I swept my misgivings under the rug. Things were great until her birthday rolled around and he dropped me cold. Via text message, no less. Ah, well. Live and learn?

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