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Tuesday Is Apparently Hodgepodge Day July 17, 2012

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At least this week it is.  I have little bits of information to share, but none of it exciting or entertaining, so I have opted to take pity on the both of you you all and just shove it all into one boring as hell post instead of multiple boring as hell posts.  You’re welcome!

1) I miss TD.  Blah, blah, blah, woe is me, i suck.  There, now that that’s out of the way……

2) I heard back from the funny guy on match.  He left me with a huge dilemma.  Although I’m certainly not jumping for joy regarding him (which usually works in my favor), the fact remains that he is the 1st guy in months that I’ve really even bothered to respond to.  The dilemma regarded my match membership.  It expires today and I was fully planning to take a month (or 5) off.  Should I send him my ‘real’ email addy after just one message on match and go ahead and cancel (and most likely totally freak him out as he would assume i just left match ’cause he’s ‘the one’ – HA!).  Or should i just renew for another month and see.  Well we all know how cheap frugal I am when it comes to having to pay for finding a date and since my last 3 month membership (that would be 27 months total for those of you keeping track) didn’t pan out in very many cocktails, I was torn.  I kinda view online dating like I do gambling in Vegas.  You have to factor in the number of ‘free’ drinks into how much money you lose and then it seems to all average out.  😉 Anywhoo, I opted to cancel and then possibly rejoin in a couple of days (after finding some stellar discount thru google) and Mr Funny would be none the wiser.  So I went to cancel and chose ‘can’t afford’ as my reason and what do you know?  Up pops a screen offering me 3 months for the price of 1.  Yeah, baby!  That works out to $12/month which works out to just one of my beloved dirty martinis a month in order to break even.  If I can’t manage that, then I deserve to be single forever……….

3) In the past 2 days I have heard from TWO of my favorite bloggers (sorry, not you Evie or Click).  2 people who I’ve been following since the start of my own used to be funny and entertaining but is now just boring and whiney blog.  They’re awesome people.  Both so different but both with amazing hearts and minds.  And what do you know?  I’m not the only one who either makes bad decisions in love or just doesn’t have things work out the way they had hoped.  Huh.  Who knew?  Anyway, I thought it was pretty damn awesome of them to e-mail me personally (no one ever does that).  Made me feel kinda special (and not in my usual window licking sorta way).

4) So yesterday was a bad day for me (as is today) regarding TD.  Haha if you thought #1 was all you were going to get regarding him.  I’ve been really kinda good about the whole no contact thing but was not so good over the weekend.  Long story, but we were still discussing the ‘kid factor’ and then things just fell back into our usual friendship conversations and texts.  I kinda smacked myself on Sunday afternoon and just didn’t respond to his last message.  Too bad I seem to have set my ‘withdrawals’ on reset again regarding him.  Don’t badmouth him as this was my doing.  Anyway, as I was having an icky day yesterday, there were 2 text message bright spots.  Out of the blue TD’s oldest son, who I don’t even know all that well as he lives on his own, but who is a terrific kid, messaged me to let me know that he’d met a nice girl.  That kinda made my day.  Then last night, TD Jr (his other son) messaged me to share some news as well.  Kinda nice to know I’m not totally forgotten.  As they will be away at out of state basketball tournaments for the next two weekends (which I was invited to attend), I’m guessing I’ll have the added factor of missing 2 fun trips on top of missing all of them.  Boo.

5) I know there were a couple other things to share, but I guess I’ve inflicted enough spelling and punctuation errors on you for one post ……


6 Responses to “Tuesday Is Apparently Hodgepodge Day”

  1. Pammy Girl Says:

    I stopped internet dating a year ago because it was crushing my soul… I give you major kudos for still doing it (and score! 3 months for the price of 1).

    And you’re right… no one’s life turns out the way they hoped or expected it would. Remember that 12 year-old girl who cut up magazines and created her ENTIRE LIFE in a diorama? She was dumb. Thank goodness for the one love of my life who is always there for me: chocolate.

    • Hi Pammy! As I don’t have all that many awesome guys magically appearing on my doorstep, I fear that internet dating is something I need to stick with for a while longer. It can be a bit soul crushing, but only if you allow it to be (which I try not to do too often).

      I’m not a fan of chocolate. Damn it…….. Haha, if my life turned out the way I planned, I would have been married at 24 with 2.4 kids, a great house complete with white picket fence and a dog. All I have is the house and dog. Shit. 😉

  2. Matthew Says:

    Yay for hodgepodge!

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