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Who Knew Happy Hour Could Be So Controvertial? July 24, 2012

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So we all (yes, all 3 of us) know that I kinda love these new ‘match mixer’ events that match.com puts on around my town.  They seem to be every couple of weeks ago and allow me to go meet random tools and douchebags (and hopefully that one shiny penny) in person vs. online.  Love it!  I can discount people on the spot instead of having to exchange annoying messages back and forth before discovering that they’re not who they claim to be in their profiles.  Brilliant!  Although it makes for an amazingly humorous blogpost to read about the 6’3″ inch tall blonde man who I was so excited about meeting only to find a 5’10” rather rotund 65 year waiting for me, but it’s not all about you now, is it?

Anyway, tonight is another happy hour-ish event that I wanted to go to.  Trouble is, TD was nice enough to inform me, via e-mail addressed to ‘dearest GG’, and ‘in the interest of full disclosure’ last night that he is actually going to this one.  He said he wouldn’t go if I didn’t want him to and also informed me that he’s going with MY wing-woman (who I actually stole from him but that’s besides the point).  He told me that they were both worried about hurting my feelings (damn, when did I become this fragile annoyance?) by going but that he was fine with me going and he even offered to ‘share’ said wingwoman (whose head will most likely explode if TD and I are both in the same room as she’ll be totally conflicted on what to do).  He actually wrote that he was going to ask me to go with him but thought that would be ‘awkward and inappropriate’.  You think?  I told him to go, have fun and I wouldn’t go.

Here’s the thing though.  I was planning on going.  If he wouldn’t have let me know that he was going, he would have just appeared and I would have either a) run and hid b) started crying run and hid c) gotten pissed run and hid or d) been surprised as hell and carried on with my evening.  I would like to think that it would have been option D.  I kind of appreciate his letting me know he was going instead of just blindsiding me with it.  There seems to be a fairly strong debate between my friends (all 2 of them) as to whether or not I should still go.  Can’t I still go and do my best to ignore him?  Doesn’t not going speak louder than my still going?  Don’t I have a better chance of actually meeting the man that makes me go ‘TD who?’ at a singles event over sitting at home on my couch with my dogs?

I want to go.  Wingwoman #1 is already spoken for and Wingwoman #2 is being a very good human being and volunteering at the food bank this evening so can’t go.  I don’t have an issue going alone.  Hell, it’s in a bar for crying out loud.   Still undecided at this point.  Do I want to see TD hit on other women?  Yeah, probably not.  Does he want to actually see me be hit on by other men (I could be so lucky)?  I doubt that as well.  He knows that these events are my thing, so why shouldn’t I still go and have fun?  What if I don’t go and the perfect(ish) guy is there for me and I miss out on meeting him?

When did happy hours get so complicated?


and yes, I still hear from TD.  He sends me texts and e mails telling me what an amazing friend I am thanking me for sticking by him and going above and beyond for he and his kids ……. blah blah blah.  I either ignore him or tell him that I don’t really want to hear it.  Sometimes I respond, sometimes I don’t.  He was even nice enough to fill me in on the 411 regarding TVCW who is no more.  Gee, thanks.  I haven’t seen him in over 3 weeks and that’s a record.  I do ‘talk’ to him more than I should, but know that I’m moving in the right direction regarding cutting ties.  It just seems to be a much slower process for me regarding him than I recall having to go thru with anyone else…… baby steps, remember?


13 Responses to “Who Knew Happy Hour Could Be So Controvertial?”

  1. ifUseekAmy Says:

    I know you are not at the point where you can cut all ties to him, but it frustrates the shit out of me that he still texts and emails you constantly. He needs to back the fuck off. If he doesn’t want you for a romantic relationship and you don’t want just a friendship (due to valid feelings/emotions), then there shouldn’t be any more contact until emotions can be dealt with. He’s still using you as a ‘friend’, even if you don’t respond, when you told him that you needed space (wait, you did ask for this?). He’s not honoring your request and putting himself and his needs above yours again and again.

  2. everevie Says:

    We’ve already discussed my opinion on this evening…but just so it goes on public record, I think you should definitely GO to the event!!

    Do I think you will miss out on meeting the man of your dreams if you don’t? No, not really. Do I think TD will find the woman of his dreams tonight if you don’t go? Nope. Do I think it would be wicked awkward for him if you went?? Hell YES I do!! Am I the biggest beeeotch ever? Maybe. 🙂

    Put a sexy dress on. Go. Have some drinks. Say hello to TD. Hang with your mutual wingwoman. Flirt w/every man- short, tall, hot, not, old and young. HAVE FUN!!

    It’s your life. Don’t put it on hold!!

    • Serena Says:

      GG, I 2nd everything that Evie said! Go to the event, and flirt your ass off and just have a good time. Don’t look his way, don’t even give him the time of day (I know, very hard for you).

      Personal opinion, I think he told you because he doesn’t want you to go. Maybe he’s afraid you’ll find THE ONE and he’ll be out the door. So surprise him and look your gorgeous self and show up ready to have the best night ever. He’ll be the one sulking in the corner if you play your cards right!

      Can’t wait to read about it tomorrow 🙂

      • lafinwitu65 Says:

        I agree with everyone that says “go” Put on your sexiest little black dress and rock the house. Remind him of what he is missing out on. Besides, “you cant win if you dont play”. The odds are your “one in a million guy wont be there but it doesnt matter either way if your not.

        Rock the house…

        • @ Evie ~ What? Not meet the man of my dreams tonight?! That’s bullshit! Er, I don’t think I own sexy dresses …… I can wear heels though ….. he hates when I’m taller than he is 🙂

          @ Serena ~ Hi Sweet Pea! I love when you pop in and leave a comment! I’ve missed you! I will do my best to get my flirt on. I’m not the best at that though. I’ll just try not to spill my drink on anyone or trip …. how’s that? Who knows why he told me …….. full discloser? ’cause he wants me to go? ’cause he doesn’t want me to go? Who cares, I was planning to go 1st 😉

          @ Lafin ~ I’m not a big little black dress gal …… I can do my best to rock the crap out of a little red one though 🙂

  3. ifUseekAmy Says:

    Oh, and because I didn’t before weigh in on whether you should attend tonight or not… Agree with everyone above. Put on the dress, the heels, do the makeup and hair and GO FLIRT. But I don’t think that you should give TD any attention. Nothing more than a head nod of acknowledgement and that’s it.

    • I’ll do my best Amy…… I’ll have to go say hello to wingwoman so she doesn’t think I’m mad at her, but I don’t plan on sticking around and talking to them …… I’ll say hello and then wander off …….

  4. SillyG Says:

    I’m probably too late… but hell ya. i better hear a story about the mixer. And him there. Maybe that’s a bit of extra motivation to turn up the charm with the gents.
    …and hard not to slip so don’t beat yourself up.

  5. I say, if you want to go, go! If you have no problems going out without wingwoman and you at least have the heads up that he’ll be there so there’s no surprise, go. I think he sent you that email saying he was going and with wingwoman because it would make him uncomfortable and he was hoping you’d just stay home. Fuck him! He’s sounds more and more like a pussy to me. Go! Get all dolled up, if you see him just say Hi and keep going. Act like he’s the least important man there, as he should be.

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