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I May Have It Figured Out July 28, 2012

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So we all know my intense hatred love of all things E-Harmony, and yet I rejoined.  I am going into it with a different (better?) mindset this time (like it could be any worse than last time, right?).  Last time I got overwhelmed with the 9 ‘perfect’ midgets matches that they would send me each and every day.  I thought the ‘guided steps’ were stupid.  I hated not being able to run my own searches.  Being as I have proven what a stellar compass I am for selecting my own matches, this last part might not be such a bad thing.  Let’s be honest here too, if they are smart enough to immediately match me with TD (who I am certain did not choose ’emotionally broken’ on his personality profile), then they have to know something about what they’re doing.

I am trying to keep up on the matches as they send them.  To keep my ‘new matches’ page under 60 profiles.  As I think at one time last go around I had over 100 matches waiting for me in my ‘inbox’ to deal with, I got understandably overwhelmed.  I am not going to play the ‘internet game’ by not logging on on weekends.  By waiting until the next day to respond.  By being ‘too cool’ to follow the steps.  I’m going to be myself (duh).  I will respond as soon as I can, as I would hope they would do the same.  There is no reason to try to give the illusion of being ‘too booked’ on the weekends to log on (’cause we all know i’m not).  Hell, I’m even going to go the extra mile and actually read these guys’ profiles!  Even if I’m not completely blown away by their pictures.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have standards for crying out loud, but I am going to do my best to make dating fun again for me and not such a chore.

Yeah, we’ll see how long that mindset lasts 😉

current stats (as of day 3): am exchanging ‘guided steps’ with 5 guys, have ‘archived’ 10 and have ‘closed match’ with probably another 10 ……. am I over the moon about any of my 5?  Nope, but we’ll see………


9 Responses to “I May Have It Figured Out”

  1. Janet in Philly Says:

    Good for you, GG. My first relationship from eH is cooled off after 3 mos. but we ended as friends, and now I’m ready to jump in again. My mistake is focusing too much on one at a time. Apparently the way to go is just check everyone out and respond to every icebreaker (well unless they’re really creepy). Here’s to mutual success!!

    • Hi Janet! Sorry to hear about your guy, but glad that you ended as friends. You can never have too many of those right? Oh wait, apparently I can. 😉

      I think the way to go is to ‘spread yourself around’ (NOT literally) and not focus on just one. I don’t have many eggs left, so I need to stop putting them all in one basket … I have been responding to everyone that contact me. Unless of course they’re old, ugly, creepy or just plain weird 🙂

      Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m curious, why eHarmony over Match, POF, OKCupid and the others. I’ve never tried eHarmony. Does it have advantages over the others?

    • Janet in Philly Says:

      A bit more filtering. I didn’t try the free sites. Only Match.com before eHarmony, and because (a)they screwed up my profile (someone I met told me there was a man’s photo in place of mine!), and (b) too many respondents couldn’t construct a sentence, and sounded like scammers, I was outta there rather quickly.

      • Thanks for the info. I’ve tried POF, Match, and OkCupid. I think I might give eHarmony a try as well. It can’t hurt.

        • Janet in Philly Says:

          It takes a bit more work at the front end(all those questions), but you may find the results to be worth the effort. Good luck, and welcome to the “wondrous internet pool of talent”, as a friend calls it.

          • Hi Paul, Janet’s right. As they are the *ahem* supposed experts, you are unable to run your own searches and there are certain steps that you are supposed to follow with your matches as far as communication goes. My best advice is to be UBER honest in your 52 page personality profile that they have you fill out – no one sees your answers to most of the questions and that’s how they match you up…..

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