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So What Changed? August 1, 2012

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I was on E-Horror-Me for 3 months last year.  And pretty much hated every single day of it.  Although I was astounded to see that I had 9 new PERFECT matches for me each and every day of those 3 months, they were sadly midget-esque, OLD, lived far away or were just plain visually challenged (and no, I don’t mean they needed glasses).  This time around they are actually sending me height appropriate men.  They’re still OLD and live far away, but there are a few decent pics amongst the discards.  I think my last go around I had a whopping 1 date in 3 months and he was sadly gay (unbeknownst to him).  I filled out a completely new 3 million question profile this time around and it seems to be working better.  Or I’m not as superficial and bitchy.  HA!  Like anyone is going to believe that one!

I have opted to totally be myself though.  Although it’s painful for me to follow the annoying volley of canned questions and answers on there, I am playing by the rules.  As stated in my previous post, I was messaging with 2 guys.  One never asked me a darn thing and the other wore a wife beater in a picture.  Now here’s where my judgy shit needs to get under control.  The wife beater guy seems very nice and the one that didn’t ask me any questions?  Well, I did message him and stated that since he didn’t bother to ask me any questions I was going to assume that he wasn’t interested in meeting and that if I was wrong, I’d love to hear back otherwise, I wished him well.  And what do you know?  I heard back.  I need to stop jumping to conclusions.  I do it all the time and in every facet of my life.  You know what else?  I’m usually wrong.

He messaged back saying that he was interested, but since I was going out of town, he didn’t want to bury me in questions.  Uhm, I don’t want to be buried in questions if I’m IN town, so yikes.  I responded honestly and told him that I’m not a huge fan of 20 questions via e-mail and much prefer face to face conversations in order to learn about someone.  He had also said he didn’t want to ‘force me to answer personal things, but I was welcome to share’.  Uhm, yeah, I don’t ‘share’ with people I don’t really know.  I am more than willing to answer any question posed honestly, but I certainly am not going to offer up my life story to anyone that I don’t really know.  That’s how I’ve always been and that’s one thing that will never change.  Anyway, I sort of encouraged him to actually ask me out so we’ll see if he does or if I just scared him off.  Because of course the ones I like are ‘new’ to dating.  Yey me.


Oh, and the older santa, friend’s dad, 5th grade chemistry teacher hybrid?  I just figured out where he ‘knows’ me from.  I logged onto Match and guess who has had me saved as one of his favorites forever…………


4 Responses to “So What Changed?”

  1. LOL at ‘E-Horror-Me”

  2. Matthew Says:

    I tried to comment on the previous post and for some reason it didn’t go through (weird). Oh well. Perhaps there will be better luck here.

    The good thing is that you simply called the guy out on what his actions (or lack there-of) were implying. That isn’t jumping to conclusions really but more so a systematic process of logic. At least that’s how I see it. If I’m e-mailing with a girl and I’m the only one asking questions, what about that would lead me to think they are interested in me.

    Kudos on calling him out and stating what it was. Now, it seems like he really needs to work on his ability to just ask questions (where I can sympathize as that used to be a MAJOR problem of my own).

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