43 & Single – Heaven Help Me, I've Resorted To Internet Dating!

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I Find Your Profile Both Amusing And Concerning….. August 3, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 10:38 am

es one and all, these are the types of stellar messages I get on OkStupid.  Now while I fully admit to my ability to trip over absolutely nothing in my profile, I am still wondering what it is that he’s concerned about exactly.  The fact that I’m 44 and never been married?  The fact that I’m 5’10” and prefer to find a man taller than I?  The fact that I say hello to strangers on the street?  The fact that I’ll cross the street in order to pet a dog?  Maybe it’s the fact that in one of my pictures I do somewhat resemble a leather handbag as a result of some overzealous sun bathing.  I have no clue.  And I really don’t much care.  Want to know why?  That’s because his ‘handle’ (or whatever you call it) is something like ILUVHIKNG (duh, everyone who internet dates apparently does), his main profile pic is he with a walking stick and a beat up backpack and ……… wait for it ………. he looks just like Grizzly Adams!  And not in a dirty, sexy, frumpy sorta way either.



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