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Thanks For The Mammories…… August 5, 2012

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Yesterday was my 1st date/meet up/interview/potential disaster with The Controller.  No, not that he is a control freak and needs to direct every minute detail, but he’s a numbers guy.  An accountant.  An assistant controller to be exact.

He chose a very questionable location for us to meet and then topped that unfortunate selection by suggesting we meet at 4.  On a Saturday.  Uhm, okay.  Needless to say, I was less than pumped for this get together but looked at it as a milestone.  My 1st E-Horror-Me date!  Yey?  I put on a cute little shift dress and heeled sandals (he’s 6’3″ thank goodness) and set off to meet him.  For some reason, I kind of expected him to stand me up.  Previously I had sent him my phone number which he proceeded not to use.  He did not check in with me yesterday to re-confirm we were still on.  His messages via E-Harm were less than stellar.  Yes I know.  Why was I going again?  Anywhoo, I got there right on time, walked in, and after being assaulted by multiple pairs of fake boobs in push up bras, saw him sitting at the bar and he stood up to greet me.  He’s a very nice guy.  We don’t have tons in common; he’s never traveled internationally and much prefers long road trips in his *gag* muscle car; he seems to switch careers often; he’s ‘new’ to dating after losing his wife 2.5 years ago.  No, not in a department store.  She passed away.  I didn’t ask the circumstances for fear that I would make some ginormously inappropriate joke about her being shoved in his freezer.  I know, I’m going to hell.  At least my filter was under control.

He’s tall and bald and aside from questionable teeth and errant eyebrow hair that drove me absolutely nuts and I just wanted to pluck, it was an okay date.  Not great.  Not horrible.  We stayed for a couple of drinks, he picked up the tab, told me I was attractive and asked if I liked to bowl.   There will most likely be a date #2, but after that, I don’t see much potential.  Eh, who knows.  Maybe we’ll just join a bowling league together……


4 Responses to “Thanks For The Mammories……”

  1. NO YOU DIDN’T just make those comments about his dead wife! You crack me up… But only because I’m not the one going to hell. 😉

  2. everevie Says:

    Oh dear. I suppose I should start working on the hand-basket you’ll need for your trip to hell? Lol.

    I’m glad the date went sorta kinda good-ish. That’s better than awful at least.

    I think.

    Hmm…well, keep us updated on bowling!

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