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To Date Or Not To Date…… August 5, 2012

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So as of today, day #8 (ish) on E-Harmony, I have figured out a few things:

1) Sunday is apparently communication day

2) It’s absolutely expected for a guy to take 5 days to respond to 3 multiple choice questions

3) Unlike Match, where everyone ‘loves to hike’, everyone ‘loves to hunt’ on E-Harm.  No bueno

4) Although there are less shirtless bathroom pics, there are still an equal number of dead fish pictures

5) Those that you contact will not contact you

6) Those that you don’t want to contact you immediately will

Here are the current standings in the less than impressive race for my affection:

1) Business man looking guy who is kinda funny but travelling on business until the 11th.  Sent me his phone number several days ago.  He texted once, I responded.  The end.

2) Wife beater guy (based on what he was wearing, not past rap sheet).  Sent me his phone number several days ago.  I texted once.  He texted once.  Last night he texted once, at midnight, to say he hoped I was having an awesome night.  Uhm, thanks.  I was until you woke me up!

3) Dweeby head banger guy who I’m not quite sure why I have been playing the question and answer game with sent me a message today saying he was going to the Cinderella concert in a neighboring town and he’s sorry he didn’t get me a ticket and invite me.  Uhm, I’m not. :-X

4) Tall blonde guy who looks a bit er, husky, but has a nice smile has been playing the question and answer game with me.  Too bad 3 of his ‘must haves’ had to do with sex.  Or not …… we’ll see 😉

5) Comptroller guy (date from yesterday) looked at my profile again today.  I assume to show his neighbor who he was spending the day with what a hottie I am.  Ha.  He did send me a text a couple hours after I left last night to thank me again, tell me he had a good time and to say he was looking forward to next time.  Wish I could be more excited about him, but I’m just not seeing it.


5 Responses to “To Date Or Not To Date……”

    “Wife beater guy (based on what he was wearing, not past rap sheet).” Yep, that’s my fav line.
    Thanks for this! Online dating can be such a DRAG. At least you’re getting NUMBERS! I usually just go through the “steps” of communication and it just fizzles. So frustrating.

    • Thanks Ruth. Yeah, I’ll never figure out why guys put in the time to go thru the steps but nothing else …… you’d think they’d want to actually meet up, but heaven knows what motivates some people …..

  2. Thank god I am not dating anymore…just saying 🙂

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