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Bad Decision #4,784 August 11, 2012

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Apparently yesterday was national ‘Let’s Message The Tall Blonde On OkStupid’ day.  I haven’t gotten a message from there in weeks.  I haven’t logged on in weeks either, but that’s besides the point.  Yesterday I got 3 messages.  From 3 really attractive guys!  What the hell?  Is the universe playing another trick on me?  These guys were really good looking.  Tall, blonde and nice smiles.  And not 65 years old.  No shirtless pics.  No dead animals.  No standing next to shiny red sports cars or monster trucks.  Yipppeeee!  Until I read one of their profiles.

He sounds like the nicest guy in the world, however is looking for an ‘activity partner’ (minds out of the gutters people) as he is just recently separated and unsure what he is looking for.  He wants to take things very slow and see if anything develops.  He doesn’t want what he apparently had in his future (?) ex wife, but isn’t quite sure what it is, exactly, that he does want.  His profile was well written and very nice however I got tired of counting up the red flags that were stated and practically screaming at me to run away.  I mean good looks are one thing and while I ‘get’ the uncertainty of having to rejoin the dating world after being married (much less via online dating *gasp*), I have retired my tool box.  I am not available to help ‘fix’ anyone or be their friend while they figure things out.  No way.  No how.

Did I happen to mention how attractive he was?  Of COURSE I messaged him! 🙂 I kinda hope he doesn’t respond back……….


6 Responses to “Bad Decision #4,784”

  1. everevie Says:

    Sweet! So glad you messaged him. Lol. I would have worried that TD really broke you. Who cares about the red flags? You aren’t ready for anything serious right now either. Use this as an opportunity to get back into the groove. And you know my motto: Never turn down a chance for free drinks!

  2. 7haneen Says:

    See what you feel like doing.

    Overall if anyone says I wanna take things slowly/im not looking for a relationship, I run because I need certainty (as much as possible), or at least good intentions that match my own you know?.

  3. SillyG Says:

    hope he does. nothing wrong with a little ‘activity’ partner between real dates 🙂

  4. singlewhitefemaledating Says:

    WHY… why do they put themselves out there when they are clearly unavailable (emotionally) JUST what you need (sarcasm)!! ;(

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