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Options Are Good ……….. (guest blog posting by Matthew) August 11, 2012

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Another Guest Blog Posting by Matthew (you know, the one who has good luck when dating) :

It would be a major understatement for me to say that I’m behind in updates regarding my newly single status in life. There have been an odd number of positive incidents in my favor when it comes to women; women interested in me. Now, when I say “odd number” that can literally be translated to mean a.) e-mailing with one woman on OKCupid and having one heck of a time getting our schedules to actually work for meeting in person and b.) mutual interest has been expressed between myself and a woman I was introduced to by a friend (now former friend).


There are probably at least 2 to 3 posts I can type up regarding the situation from the woman from Option B but let me first tell you about last night (Thursday night).


She and I technically had a date. I say technically because due to some current circumstances (which will be explained, partially, in a later post) and my recent transition back into “bachelor-hood” we came to an agreement that we would take our time to get to know each other. There is mutual interest in the other but we’re not feeling rushed to jump into anything serious. That being said I would say last night could be categorized somewhere between a date and two people simply getting to know the other to better decide if something beyond a platonic relationship is desired.
And reading that last sentence I realize that I pretty much defined what ‘Dating’ means. So, let’s just call it what it was. A date.
Wow. I like that. I’ve never really been that person to just get back on the horse before. Suppose I can take that as a sign that I’m finally at the point where I know who I am, the man I want to be and what I want in life and in a potential partner. Go me.
Plans were very low key. We decided to go out for ice cream and then “play it by ear”; and boy did we. We ended up walking around a used book store. Drove to a nearby lake and walked around there. Drove around a little bit and then called it a night. For having no definite plans I think we successfully pulled it off considering I brought her home a little more than 3 hours later. Better yet, when I commented on how unorganized the nights plans seemed she said she actually enjoyed it and it felt good not having that pressure of feeling rushed to be somewhere by a particular time.
Score one for Matthew and preferring the low-key approach.
But let’s go back to the lake shall we?
At said lake there is an observation tower that you can climb up and get a great 360 degree view of the park and surrounding city. A friend had told me about it years ago and I’ve always wanted to go up there some morning to shoot some pictures, and video, of the sunrise. As we were driving through the park she noticed it and suggested we go up.
Let me take a moment to make an aside and explain that apparently this ‘watch tower’ is a hang out for teenagers. Sadly, there were some there last night.
Continuing on…
We proceed to climb up and various levels of stairs to reach the top. It was amazing and better yet no one else was up there with us. We spent time talking about random things, trying to figure what we could see under the shroud of darkness. Eventually we began stargazing and trying to identify constellations. She successfully beat me in locating the Big Dipper. After finding that one we both had exhausted our constellation knowledge. When I think constellations I begin to think of a couple of scenes in ‘Serendipity’; so I asked her if she was familiar with the movie (even admitting that it is one of my guilty pleasure Rom-Coms; and she even said I made it much cooler by referring to it as a Rom-Com). I began to explain that in the movie John Cusack notices that Kate Beckinsale has a set of freckles on her arm in the shape of Cassiopeia and he continues to tell the origin story while connecting her freckles with a marker.
During all of this the moment began to feel more and more right to kiss her. Now, this would not be our first kiss but it would be the first kiss since our first kiss; and we’ve seen each other a couple of times since that first time.
I am completely comfortable saying that at this current moment I deeply despise teenagers and I wish they would hurry up and get back to school; because before I could act on that increasing moment, a couple of them appeared before us. Then more came. We were no longer alone on the top of the watch tower.
Within a matter of minutes we decide it was time to go somewhere else.
The moment was spoiled by the impeccable timing of young almost-adults so whether it was voluntary or not the point goes to them. But do not be mistaken. Another moment will come. Perhaps equally as good. Perhaps better than this particular night. But I can promise you that when that time finally finds us again I’m not going to let it get beyond my reach.

2 Responses to “Options Are Good ……….. (guest blog posting by Matthew)”

  1. everevie Says:

    Oh Matthew….that sounds like the perfect scene from a Rom-Com. Foiled out of the perfect kiss by some teenagers.


    • Matthew Says:

      As disappointing as the scenario is, I find that I am having to remind myself that I want to take my time from now on when it comes to dating and relationships. She and I are going to have plenty of other times to go out and who knows what will happen down the road.

      But. Yes. Still. Teenagers suck.

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