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Money Well Spent? August 13, 2012

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Unlike last years’ ridiculous quest to join every single dating site in existence (I think I was up to 7 at one horrific time), I am taking a more low key approach this year.  Kinda.  I’m only on 3.  Okay, technically 4, but only because I can’t remember my log in information for POF so I can erase that profile.  I’m hoping that since I haven’t been able to (or wanted to) log on for a very long time, that I am buried in the deep recesses of that shitty awesome site.  So currently I’m on 3: Match, E-Harm & OkStupid.  2 I pay for and one is free.  I’ve had a whopping 3 dates so far.  One from each site.  None have panned out.  Why is it that my two front runners at the moment are off of the free site?  And by front runners, I mean hot prospects who will more likely than not turn out to look nothing like their pictures, have personalities that don’t resemble their ‘online persona’ in the least, or who are looking for hook-ups.  Yey.

One of my prospects just seems soooooo nice.  Intelligent, thoughtful, well spoken and kinda cute.  I’m sure he’ll hate me. 😉  The other, if I have not scared him off with my frighteningly accurate and detailed knowledge of all things Brady Bunch, could be a good one too.  Prospect #1 kinda reminds me of TD, so that makes me a little nervous, Prospect #2 doesn’t at all.  We all know what stellar choices I make when left to my own devices though……… I’ll keep ya’ posted!


7 Responses to “Money Well Spent?”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Just have fun and take each date for what it is.

  2. You have a nice smile:) I’m wondering, and excuse me if I’ve missed this from not reading all your posts, but do you ever meet anyone offline? Do you get hit on in grocery stores? Girls gotta eat!

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