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I Guess Everyone Has A Profile On OkStupid August 14, 2012

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So as I was texting with a friend today and filling her in on the 2 guys that I am currently er, conversing with from OkStupid, I came up with the brilliant idea to send her their profiles so she could see who I was talking about!  Of course she has a profile up on there!  Or at least a faux one, I’m not certain.  😉 I’m not quite sure what my criteria are these days in order to get excited about meeting someone, but apparently they hover right around ‘cute’ and ‘they contact me’.  Uhm, that’s a problem.  Oh yeah, I also want NICE!  Nice guys don’t finish last dammit.  Anywhoo, I knew there were some stated differences on one of the profiles and yeah, I guess they’re big ones.  Mr Nice Guy lists ‘a church community’ as one of the things he can’t live without.  While I am anything but religious, I certainly don’t judge people for their beliefs (or lack thereof).  My profile clearly states that I’m not religious and I opt to think that someone with ‘Christian values’ means he’s a nice guy?  A moral guy?  A guy who won’t chop me into little pieces and shove me in his freezer?  Okay, so that is one apparently major difference.  He also states that he ‘doesn’t understand why women display tattoos’.  Hmmm.  As mine aren’t exactly ‘on display’, maybe the fact that I several a couple fairly well hidden ones won’t bother him?  He also states that he doesn’t appreciate sarcasm.  However, he told me he likes my sense of humor.  Kinda think people have different definitions of sarcasm and it is often misunderstood to be nasty and mean spirited.  I don’t think it is and I would never make a joke at someone else’s expense (unless, of course, they deserved it) ;-).  I know there was one more difference that I can’t quite remember, but I guess it was kinda glaring as she caught it.  Am I really excited about meeting someone who I may not have anything in common with just because he’s uber nice and sweet?  Am I really that pathetic?  Eh, I guess we’ll see as we’re meeting up tomorrow.  For a *gag* coffee date.  On my birthday.  Really?  I have to pretend to like bitter, non alcoholic over priced coffee on my birthday?  Damn.  Oh, and I won’t even mention that he was wearing white tennis shoes with khaki pants in one of his pictures. 😉

Bachelor #2, who we’ll call Office Picture Taker is a cop.  And a photographer.  Yes, I realize my ability to assign blog names has gotten a bit obvious, but oh well.  All my friend could say about him was how hot he was.  Despite the squinty thing he does with his eyes in his pictures apparently. LOL.  He was very nice in his messages as well.  Do we have anything in common really?  Uhm, I’m not sure.

I guess the major thing that my online dating proofreader pointed out was that neither of these guys seems to possess a sense of humor about themselves or their profiles.  Does that mean that they don’t have a sense of humor in real life?  I sure as hell hope not.  I’m not a one man show you know.  I appreciate some banter…….. Oh, and she thought they both sounded boring.  Crap.  Kinda makes it harder for me to ignore the aspects that I was choosing to ignore when they’re pointed out to me! Thanks a lot Evie! 😉 (just kidding, you know I appreciate any and all input ……. unless you’re siding against me….which you never would ……… right?) 😉


8 Responses to “I Guess Everyone Has A Profile On OkStupid”

  1. everevie Says:

    Umm…never! Duh!

    I said I liked his squinty eyes! He reminds of some movie star…a squinty-eyed movie star…like Bruce Willis or that other squinty-eyed guy I’m thinking of.

    I was just worried b/c he didn’t have any “teeth” pics. All closed mouth half-smiles.

    And Mr. Nice Guy seemed just that: Very nice.

    My motto is always: Go out with every man who asks!

    Of course, that’s my motto for YOU….not for me. 😉

    • anything for the blog, my friend ……. otherwise I’m going to have to start posting my grocery lists (which are not all that exciting as they seem to consist of frozen dinners, vodka and mixers ……… oh and cat food ……. haha) 😉

  2. SillyG Says:

    i have always given those boring profile guys a chance… and most often they are just that! Now the church community/aversion to tattoos/anti-sarcastic. yikes to that trait trio.
    Have fun!

  3. Matthew Says:

    It doesn’t hurt to meet in person. You may not click “on paper” but in person the chemistry may flow like the falls in Canada.

    Also, I’m incredibly entertained by our differences in first date meeting places…since I’m usually the guy who recommends a coffee place.

    • You’re right, you never know about in person chemistry. Uhm, sorry about the coffee/cocktail disparity …… I don’t like coffee ……. and we all know how much I LOVE cocktails 🙂

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