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No Googling Needed …………… a guest post by Matthew August 15, 2012

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Another great guest blog post by Matthew!  Enjoy!

This being an online dating blog it only makes sense to go for “complete” *not really* disclosure and share some examples…directly from my own personal online dating profile.
Take note the below supplied text are just bits from each category and not my complete profile. What I’ve included are the things that have helped facilitate a conversation, or connection, with another patron of the site. However, there are a few items that do indicate the type of person I am.
My personal advice when creating your own profile: be honest. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.
Self-Summary: *a glimpse on who I am*
At work I’m a “dress-up” type of guy; button down shirts, ties (where else am I going to wear them?). At home/off-the-clock I’m a jeans, t-shirt and occasional hat type of guy.
I’m not the type to sleep in (even on weekends). Typically, I’m the most productive early in the morning. And by productive sometimes it means I’ll start a load of laundry and then kick back on the couch while watching TV, other times I’ll go out for a long run and take care of errands (all before lunch).
What I’m Doing With My Life: *a glimpse at my goals*
The bulk of it revolves around my considerations for a career change and the best way to go about making those “dreams” a reality. If I had to name the “perfect” situation, I would love to have my own coffee shop/bakery (pseudo-diner).
I’m Really Good At: *believe it or not, a glimpse at my ‘talents’*
Cooking and baking. My co-workers get the most benefit from this and they are eternally grateful (most of the time). One of them even paid me a $1 for a chocolate bacon home-made brownie once.
First Thing Noticed: *a glimpse at why I may stand out*
Most people say I have a very distinct laugh and after talking to me they will usually comment on how welcoming and easy I am to talk to.
Things Not To Be Without: *a glimpse at what’s important*
My niece and nephew are going to be considered a single unit, now that I know them I don’t ever want my life to be without them.
The dog I will eventually adopt.
Message Me If: *an honest glimpse at where I am in dating*
…you’re simply looking to meet someone new. I’m not particularly looking for anything really serious on the relationship front right now but am always welcome to meeting, talking and experiencing new things with new people. My perspective is relationships, worthwhile relationships, take time to build and grow. They all need to begin somewhere right?



2 Responses to “No Googling Needed …………… a guest post by Matthew”

  1. everevie Says:

    I love it! It’s not too wordy…but highly informative.

    I’m just wondering if you meant to leave out the section where you say how much you love hiking. LOL! Kidding. I thought all online dating men loved hiking. 😉

    Oh…and I’d pay at least $2 for a chocolate bacon brownie! YUM!

    • Matthew Says:

      Does running count as a replacement for hiking? 😉

      I did leave a lot out, so I probably am a bit wordy in some areas. It’s a work in progress, but we’ll see how much effort I put into it right now. I’m still getting my single-legs back.

      A 100% increase in sales?!?! I need to figure out a way to ship this stuff.

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