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WTF? My Mom Has A Blog! August 16, 2012

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I believe I’ve mentioned my mother here before.  You remember, that lovely woman who seems to be missing any sort of maternal instinct or empathy gene?  The one that when I told her, in tears, back in high school that I’d been stood up by a guy I really really liked told me that I had better pick better next time?  Yeah, her.  For good or bad, she’s my mom and I take her at face value.  She will always put herself first in any situation (that stellar personality flaw trait seems to run rampant in my family).  She will always ‘one up’ you regarding any sort of illness or injury.  If you have a cold, she has pneumonia.  If you sprained your ankle, she broke her foot.  If you are worried about an upcoming doctor’s appointment, she will drown you in a listing of all her hypochondriacal illnesses.  This is the woman who is single-handedly doing her best to bankrupt the Medicare program while simultaneously providing job security to everyone at QVC.  This is also the woman that apparently can’t remember who she told what to and I usually find out about the goings on in her life via being included in the mass e-mails she likes to send to everyone in her contact list.  Today was such a day.  Today she sent out an e mail letting everyone know that she is leaving on a month long cruise next week and invited us all to skype her or, better yet, check out her blog.

Uhm, ya’ think I should send her a link to mine? 😉


3 Responses to “WTF? My Mom Has A Blog!”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Entries 1 through 30 – “I’m sitting on a boat.”

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