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Like A Phoenix Rising From The Ashes ~ Guest Blog Post By Matthew August 21, 2012

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Another great guest blog post by Matthew:

While catching up with a good friend of mine the other day I mentioned that things were going amazingly…well, good. There isn’t a single thing for me to complain about; and believe me I’ve tried. 😉
He is fully aware of the drama I recently went through so he made the comment, “It’s like your life is a phoenix brought into new life from it’s very own ashes.”
And he couldn’t be more right.
I went through 6 to 8 weeks of hell and drama. If it wasn’t relationship related, it was work related. If it wasn’t work related, it was some stupid BS from a friend (now former friend). There was not a single aspect of my life that was protected from becoming subject to ridiculous drama.
Though I had slowly begun to turn things around for myself (particularly with the work and friend drama); things really began to turn around last Wednesday when I moved into my new apartment. I’ve never used any type of drug or narcotic (besides prescription) but I can imagine this must be a variation of what “feeling high” is like *without purple elephants and a psychedelic melting color-wheel of a world*.
Things may have severely sucked the last couple of months but if going through it was necessary to get where I currently am now, then perhaps I owe ‘life’ an apology.
Since this is a dating blog I should probably focus on that particular aspect. Remember Tower Girl? Well…first I’ll refer to her as Red from now on…because it just works better and she doesn’t sound like some really bad high school drama on The CW. She and I have been spending a lot of time together since I moved into the new place.
Let’s do the math. For the six days I have lived in that apartment I have seen Red on five of them. Now, I know this is probably going against everything I’ve said since my break-up about wanting to take things slow and not jump into anything; and surprisingly that is actually what is going on here. She and I are simply getting to know each other better. With little effort we have been able to maintain a balance by getting to know each other on a casual (almost platonic) level but making sure we both know that there is still interest for something more than that in future.
Okay. I will admit that the more time I spend with her the more I like her. I can’t help it. If you met her you would feel the exact same way. One particular thing I absolutely enjoy about our dynamic is that we don’t have to have already-made plans to do something together. A perfect example is actually from last night. We were texting and eventually it reached the point of asking what the other was doing that night. Both of us didn’t have anything particular planned other than an evening at home, and since we live about 5 minutes apart, she suggested a TV night. She came over. We talked. Played with her dog. Watched some TV.
No planning necessary. Simply, “What are you up to?” or “Want to come over?”
Everything is natural with her. I don’t feel pressure to be anything I’m not, to act any particular way, to say the right thing. Things just happen the way they are going to happen.
This last Sunday we got together for a late lunch and to keep the other company while running some errands. My particular errand was browsing shops for a couch. The best way to give you the vibe for the entire experience is think about the scene in 500 Days of Summer where the two leads are walking around IKEA. Got it? Now take away all over the overly-cinematic stuff and pretend we are regular people (and not characters written for a movie) and that was my Sunday afternoon. It was the most fun I’ve probably had furniture shopping.
Experience, and current events, have lead me to the following conclusion.
When it comes to how I approach my next relationship I can talk until I’m blue in the face about a game plan, but it really doesn’t matter. Why bother trying to control it? Why not just let things happen in the manner they are going to happen?

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