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Well That Sure Was Fast August 23, 2012

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So I made the supreme effort to actually run a search on Match.  I mean really; they have the feature on there to be used, right?  As my tried and failed true method of doing absolutely nothing and waiting for amazing men to come find me hasn’t been working so well lately, not only did I run a search, but I sent messages to not one, but two guys.  TWO!  One of which never replied.  He’s obviously retarded. 😉  The other suavely waited 4 days to reply.  And was funny!  His message was witty and self-deprecating and just the right amount of snarky.  I liked his pics, his profile, his height and even where he lived.  I especially liked the fact that he used proper grammar in his profile.  I make it a rule to never get excited about anyone online until I have a reason to get excited, but I broke my rule for this one.  I LOVED his message to me.  It was awesome.  So naturally I over thought everything, turned into a complete moron and sent a retarded response.  To which he opted out of replying to.  Crap!  Foiled again!  Meh, he did seem to be online a lot and had the ever dreaded ‘IM Me Now!’ icon up yesterday.  Maybe he’s just pacing himself and carefully crafting another great message to me and I shouldn’t throw in the towel so soon.  Or not, I don’t give a shit.  I leave on my cruise on Saturday. 🙂

Although I know good and well that I can get internet access on board, I opt to act like I can’t.  It’s my vacation, after all.  Just me, my cocktails, my book, and hopefully not too many screaming kids blocking my view of the hairy chest contest at the pool.  And yes,  while not kidding about the existence of such a contest, I am not actually a fan.

Anywhoo, I’m back on Thursday and get to have surgery bright and early Friday morning.  Good times people.  Good times!  For those of you with me last year for my cruise, you know that I returned to find out that a wonderful young man had passed away while I was gone and that TD dumped my ass 3 days after I got back (and 1 day before the funeral).  I have put a request into the universe to please not let anyone I know or care about die while I’m gone and that I not get dumped upon my return.  As I’m not actually seeing anyone right now, part 2 shouldn’t be so hard to accommodate.

I’ll check in when I can.  Miss me lots!!


One Response to “Well That Sure Was Fast”

  1. ifUseekAmy Says:

    Have a FANTASTIC time on your cruise. You deserve this time off/away! We will surely miss you. Bon voyage, pretty lady!

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