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Why Internet Daters Should Not Go On Cruises September 8, 2012

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Or, more specifically, why this internet dater should avoid cruising as a vacation option.  We all know that Hurricane Isaac came to visit and screwed up my trip.  We also know that when I finally was able to return home, I was greeted by a house with a broken air conditioner and a 97 degree internal temperature.  Lovely.  While neither of these things have to do with internet dating and my lack of love life, what I am about to tell you does.  Those two of you that were around in November and are familiar with the start of my whirlwind dream romance with TD also must remember that I got the big ‘sorry, I’m not ready for a relationship’ a whopping 4 days after returning home from a week long cruise.  Yey me.  All I asked of the universe this time around was to not get dumped or have anyone that I was close to die while I was away or right when I got home.  Not a lot to ask, right?  Well apparently in my world, it is.

Although not technically a dumping, I had been ‘chatting’ with a really great sounding guy on match the week and a half prior to my trip.  I was excited to hear more about him and to meet him.  I told him I would be out of touch for a week as although I am fully aware that I can get internet access on board a cruise ship, I’m not lame enough to want to actually check e mails while gone.  I had left him with my real e mail address before I left and I knew that I’d return to a nice message from him when I got home.  Or not.  Damn.  I waited 3 days and then sent him a cute little ‘I’m home, I hope you had a great week, love to hear about it.  Oh, and by the way, not to sound like a dork, but I wasn’t sure if you just hadn’t written or if you had sent me a message to my highly encrypted e mail address (match.com likes to delete personal e mail addresses in messages for some reason) and I just didn’t get it.’  And then I proceeded to bite my nails for a while.

I didn’t have to bite for long as he replied within a couple of hours (via match) that he was very sorry for any misunderstanding and lack of communication on his part but he thought since I would be away, that he shouldn’t write.  He went on to say that he had had a crazy week and was planning on writing me that very night.  He wanted to hear all about my trip and was going to write more after he put his kids to bed.  Yey me!  Of course instead of just waiting for his ‘real’ message to me, I responded with a funny story about Hurricane Isaac and told him I hoped his crazy week was a crazy good one that I looked forward to hearing from him when he had a chance.  To which I guess he hasn’t had yet as it’s been 4 days.  Boo.

While I am more than willing to play the fool and check in once to see if I am actually being blown off or it’s a misunderstanding, I don’t think I’m up for checking in twice.  I guess I’ll never know if he actually sent me a message to my real e mail address and just made a mistake in the address (yes, I can be fully delusional when I want), or if he is, in fact not interested.  Shame though.  He sounded pretty great.  Chalk another loss up to my penchant for cruising.  Alone.


2 Responses to “Why Internet Daters Should Not Go On Cruises”

  1. everevie Says:

    Maaaaybe he wrote you an email to an address he thought was yours….but was actually that of another single woman out there….who is now impersonating you b/c she’s a bitch like that….and all this time he thought he’s been talking to you!!

    It could happen. Right?


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