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Shaken, Not Stirred September 12, 2012

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Apparently match.com has taken pity on me and my pathetic (lack of) love life.  How you ask?  Well in addition to sending me ‘matches’ that there is no chance in hell I’d like or have anything in common with, they’ve scheduled not one, but TWO mixers in the next week.  The first is tonight and is for those under my advanced age of 45.  I know this because my speed dating friend got invited and I didn’t.  Boo.  As she can bring a guest, I’m going!  I, in turn, have invited her to a mixer scheduled for Monday for the apparent old farts as I got invited and she didn’t.  Funny that 45 is the cut off.  Sure I know I’m old(ish), but to be tossed into the upper age group is a bit sad.  Especially considering that I’ve noticed that no man, aged 50-65, ever states their age as more than 49.  Do you know how many 49 year old men there are online?  Well I don’t because there are a whole lot of them that are stretching the truth on that one.

Anyway, I have two chances in the next 5 days to try and remember how to be ‘cool’ and old school when it comes to meeting men.  I swear, for all my big talk, I turn into this babbling idiot if I meet someone that I’m attracted to.   At least it will be a room full of (hopefully) attractive, (hopefully) single guys.  And hopefully one of them will be desperate farsighted enough (literally) to think I’m a prospect.  Fingers crossed all!


4 Responses to “Shaken, Not Stirred”

  1. Emilie Says:

    Have fun tonight!! as for me speed dating gets me a bit nervous as I see it as an interview but with more speed then an actual interview. But then again, you have one in two chances you will either find someone that is at lest decent OR simply have very good writing material for the blog!

  2. maryfreemannyc Says:

    Have fun at the stir events!! A friend of mine went to one and said there were a lot of guys and they were very friendly….which is a rarity in NYC! Hope you get lots of digits!!

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