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Dating Coaches Are Like Fill In Umpires September 27, 2012

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Neither really have any idea what they’re doing.  They try to offer good rules to follow but basically they just make crap up.  While I don’t actually enlist the help of a dating coach (as illustrated by my less than impressive dating history), I do subscribe to a lot of dating coach blogs and newsletters.  Why?  Well that would be because I have nothing better to do.  Not really.  I have a million better things  to do than read success stories of other people.  I guess I just hope that I’ll find some little piece of advice that will help my stellar stats.  One dating coach insists you have to spend at least 30 minutes a day ‘searching’ online for your ‘one’.  Insists on e-mailing at least 1 person a day.  Suggests you ‘favorite’ the men you’re interested in.  Oh wait a minute, that one might actually be a good one.  There is a cute guy on match that I believe I winked at (yes, I know, I’m lame) who never responded yet has had me marked as one of his favorites for almost 2 months now.  He’s tall, he’s cute and his profile essay is great.  Hmmm, maybe I should favorite him back?  What’s the worse that could happen?  He could continue to ignore me while I continue to fantasize about our perfect home and future together?  Meh, it’s worth a shot.  So last night I decided to put him as a ‘favorite’.  On Match.com, the men can see that you’ve favorited them.  I guess that’s a little nudge to ‘piss or get off the pot’.  I was hoping that Mr Tall & Cute would choose the former.  Sadly, he chose to get off the pot.  Dumbass.  I added him to my favorites thinking that would let him know I was interested (even though I know that my lame wink should have done the trick) and within 24 hours he had not only removed me from his favorites list, but blocked his profile from me.  WTF?


Thanks Mr. Dating Coach.  I could have done without …….. maybe next you will suggest I give guys 5 inches shorter than me that live over 2 hours away a shot?


3 Responses to “Dating Coaches Are Like Fill In Umpires”

  1. SillyG Says:

    Lol blocked! That’s ridiculous

  2. Matthew Says:

    I think those guidelines look a lot like those recommended for finding a job. 🙂

    I like the 30 minutes a day searching and sending a message once a day. Basically they are pulling from the law of averages…sooner or later someone’s gotta bite.

    That settles it. I’m quitting my job and becoming a dating coach. I have a vivid imagination.

  3. Emilie Says:

    only boys get scared of strong and independent women… a real “men” will at lest give it a shot and see what will turn out like!!

    However I do agree with Matthew’s comment on the compared of job searching coaches and Dating coaches…. they BOTH say the same thing; which makes me think if finding “love” is the same as finding a job… well the “love” world is domed, hey I am just saying!!

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