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Wish Me Luck October 5, 2012

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No, I don’t have any dates lined up that I need luck for.  Yes, I do have a bunch of guys I can’t seem to get excited about communicating with me on both dating sites.  No, the ones I can get excited about opt not to get excited about me (dumbasses).  No, I have no lame ideas about rekindling anything with TD.  Hell, I don’t even have any ideas about rekindling anything with my vacation fling x 2 (although now that we’ve hooked up at sea and on dry land, I could always shoot for a plane ride with him and go for the trifecta) ;-).

Wish me luck in an entirely different realm that doesn’t have to do with dating.  I’ve eluded to some medical crap going on with me for the past few month and tomorrow is the day. Technically, that would be today.  Surgery day.  Although I’ve managed not to be totally pre-occupied by it up until now, I guess I am at this point (thus the 2am blog post).  Now, before we get into the nitty gritty (sorry, no pictures or flow charts will be posted), let’s just say that I think it’s really shitty of them to tell me that I can’t have anything to eat or drink after midnight when my surgery isn’t until 11:30am!!  WTF?!  I’m already hungry and thirsty as hell.  I live in the desert for crying out loud!  It’s gonna be a looooong day.

As everyone in my world is coupled up, aside from me, thank you very much, I guess the nice ladies that work at the hospital who called me to verify information today thought they’d get in on the act and rub it in.  I was asked my marital status.  Single.  Do I live alone?  Yes.  Do I have someone to take care of me after surgery?  Yes.  Who is your emergency contact?  TD.  Relation to you? Uh, friend.  I mean really, how long can I put my flippin’ mother down as my emergency contact?  I usually put down me twin sister but as she’s apparently in one of her ‘all about me and by the way, you’re a shitty human being’ modes, I figured she wouldn’t much care if she got an emergency call and would most likely let it go to voicemail.  Yes, I come from a long line of ‘screeners’ when it comes to phone calls.  Medical emergency calls included.  It just seems that every question these ladies asked me just reinforced my knowledge that yes, I’m pretty much alone.  Yey me.  Do I really need that pointed out to me today?  Or ever?

Anyway, I’m a bit scared.  Not that anything will go wrong or that ‘things’ will turn out to be worse than I thought and this will be an ongoing thing.  It’s more that I’m not a big fan of pain and the recovery from this sounds kinda uncomfortable (to put it mildly).  And without saying exactly what the surgery is for (no it’s not elective), or pointing out the fact that ‘the girls’ aren’t in great demand at the moment (although vacation fling still has an affinity for that area), I would hope that sometime in the not too distant future someone might be interested in meeting them or setting up a play date.  I just hope that they’re not some disfigured mess.  Oh look!  This turned out to be about dating after all. 😉


10 Responses to “Wish Me Luck”

  1. PDX Running Chick Says:

    I have no idea why I am reading email at 2:38 a.m., instead of sleeping, but I am glad that I am. Good luck to you, my dear. I know we aren’t friends in the true sense, but I will be thinking about you today and sending good, positive vibes for everything to go smoothly and your healing to be quick. Big hugs and love to you!

  2. Matthew Says:

    You’ll be in thoughts here GG, and to a quick and pleasant healing and recoup. Maybe someone will get you a personal At-home nurse/cabana boy to serve you.

  3. ifUseekAmy Says:

    Wishing you a very speedy and comfortable recovery. Keeping you in my thoughts! xoxoxo

  4. Feel better soon my friend…thinking about you xoxo

  5. Ben Says:

    Best of luck and hoping for a speedy recovery, and play dates soon!

  6. lafinwitu65 Says:

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers…
    Good luck

  7. 1smiles Says:

    I hope that your surgery went well and that you’re well on your way to recovery. I’m a single woman as well, and I often struggle with the emergency contact thing as well. Regardless of the relationship status that you have with TD.. I know he’d be there for you.

  8. I hope it all went well, and that you are resting comfortably. Wishing you a speedy recovery…and hoping that you are being well taken care of! (Totally feel you on the “who will be taking care of you?” stuff. UGH!)

  9. Get well get well soon we want you to get well! That was a song from Seinfeld where Elaine is tired of her office having parties for everyone.

  10. SillyG Says:

    hope all is well, your recovery is smooth and the scare is soon something in your past. take care…

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