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Who’s A Judgy Bitch? October 21, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 3:02 pm

Those of you that immediately screamed Grey Goose! wins.  No big surprise there.  I got an interesting e mail today.  And by interesting, I mean incredibly shitty.  And rude.  And a bit disheartening.  Now those of you getting excited about the prospect of hearing a lame wink or online dating story, I’ll stop you right here.  There are none of those.  Mainly because I haven’t had a date in months.  And have all my profiles currently hidden.  The e-mail I received today was from my sister.  My twin sister to be exact.  My twin sister who tragically lost her husband in January when he was killed on his motorcycle while on his way to work by some dipshit who ran a red light.  I still can’t think about it without getting all teary eyed.  I can’t even talk about it still.  Apparently my sister doesn’t have the same issues with this tragedy.  Why do I say that so harshly?  Although I know that people deal with grief and loss in different ways and it is really none of my business, I do believe some things are just not proper.

Like finding a new boyfriend in less than 6 months.  Like moving in with said boyfriend after only 3 months of dating.  Like informing your twin sister of this fact, via mass e-mail, by sending out her new address and letting everyone know that she moved in with ‘him’.  Over a month ago.  WTF?!?

While I certainly don’t agree with what she’s doing, it’s her life and she can do as she pleases.  My main issue is that I got informed of it right along with Joe Schmoo and a bunch of other people via f*ing e-mail!


*and yes, although I said I was taking a break from blogging, apparently that didn’t mean that I won’t still post on here to bitch about people*  lucky you! xoxoxoxo


2 Responses to “Who’s A Judgy Bitch?”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Burying grief behind a new relationship is actuallly quite common. You’re right that grief is different for everyone. The 5 stages of grief are denial, bargaining, anger, depression and acceptance. The stages overlap at times. Two steps forward, one step back. Even getting stuck in one particular stage for a while. There is no clear path through it.
    Hugs to you both as you find your way.

  2. Ah….so sad about your brother in law…hugs doll. Your sis is probably trying to get through it in her way. We just don’t always do things we should or with any thought. She is looking for comfort maybe? I am not trying to excuse what she is doing, but it is her life, and she will live it…proper or not. I have made a few bad decisions in this life myself. Don’t judge her honey…I know it’s hard when you can see her going in the totally wrong direction, in a relationship that will never last. It doesn’t mean you have to approve at all or participate in any way…but she may need you one day, and she is your sis…family is everything in this life, whether they are sometimes a dumbass or not…just saying xoxo

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