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Ugh, I’m SO LAME! October 29, 2012

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But I’m sure this comes as a newsflash to no one.  I swear, I know the ‘rules’ and not to be too anxious.  I know to NEVER get excited about anyone ahead of time.  I know to just sit back and let things happen.  I guess the control freak, insecure dumbass in me takes over sometimes.  As will also come as no big surprise …… I put my profiles back up.   Sitting on my couch feeling sorry for myself didn’t seem to lure the hot single guys in, so I guess it’s back to the cesspool.  Sure, I may never find my ‘Mr Right’ (hell, I’d settle for a Mr. Kinda-Okay at this point) online, but if I stop looking or trying, I am guaranteed to fail, so I may as well give it my best shot.  I also read somewhere that guys are more desperate open to finding new relationships around the holidays.  Makes sense right?  I mean who wants to be alone for them?  I sure as hell don’t.  Contrary to what the past 9 holidays seasons may lead you to believe.

Anyway, I have been getting a lot of winks and messages.  There is one guy though, tall, cute as hell, seemingly very sweet and funny that I have struck up a little e-mail back and forth with.  Lots to say, lots in common and we messaged back and forth for most of Friday and Saturday.  His last message to me on Saturday was to ask if I wanted to meet up on Thursday (3 days from now).  I responded back saying that I would love to meet up and for him to let me know what worked best for him regarding time and place.  And just like that, because I allowed myself to get my hopes up; because I allowed the universe to know that I was finally, actually looking forward to meeting someone;  because I had a really good feeling about him ……. I haven’t heard back.  Awesome.  And yes, he’s been online between then and now.  How do I know?  Because I’m lame.  And a moron.  And his blazing red ‘IM me now!’ moniker smacks me in the face whenever I go to my ‘who’s viewed me’ page.  Yeah, I know, it’s only Monday, but that’s 2 days after I agreed to meet.  Uh, shouldn’t he want to nail that shit down?  As I don’t ‘IM me now!’ with anyone, I was at least good in not doing that.

Of course, instead of just letting things go and being confident that I would hear back from him, I opted to message him today.  Yes, for those of you keeping track of my lack of game, that would be 2 consecutive messages from me.  I was good though.  I made it light and said I just wanted to check in and see how his trip to **** with his kids went on Sunday.  Good, right?  Not all that lame.  Until I opted to add in ‘I’m really looking forward to meeting you.  It’s so much better getting to know someone in person so that you can better judge chemistry’.  Uhm, not so good.  I already said I wanted to meet.  He knows that.  Nice of me to re-state that fact in case he sustained a head injury between Saturday and today and had forgotten.

I am absolutely aware than any number of things could have happened to prevent him from responding back.  Frankenstorm.  Work.  Kids.  Whatever.  Had I not seen that he’d been online though, I might have believed any/all of these options ….

*Sigh*.  One of these days I’ll get it right………


Oh, and Saturday date guy cancelled on me!  Not that I remembered anything about him other than his name, but still …… he sent me a text Saturday morning with a lame excuse.  Whatever ……


I have another guy messaging me that I fear I am going to have to break the news, sooner or later, to him that’s he’s actually gay and should be messaging men.  Not me.


10 Responses to “Ugh, I’m SO LAME!”

  1. I hate when I have to be the one to tell a guy he’s gay. Hang in there. You’re not that lame. We all are a little lame in the world of internet dating. I swear.

  2. This interneting dating gig sucks… we need a rent-A-date service with decent guys that know how to treat a lady for the festive season 😉

  3. Citygirl Says:

    I feel your pain! I, too, get WAY ahead of myself if I think a guy is appealing. I am dating a guy…or at least I think I am…I met online and it’s not going so well. Or it could be all in my head. But I vowed the next guy will be the one and I am putting some rules in place to ensure that: 1) I will never double message or text. Don’t worry, you’re not lame, you’re a woman, we are wired SO differently. He will probably contact you on Wednesday or God forbid Thursday morning or afternoon. Just stay positive. And 2) I am never getting advice from girlfriend’s, but I will just listen to them. From now on, I am getting advice only from men. One of my best friend’s is a guy that is such a great resource on the minds of men. He’s helping through this current guy and I will use him for the next one. I told him he needs to be a dating coach!

    I am 43 too and I am so sick of this online dating. I wish I could meet someone organically, back in the old days, but it’s just not possible.

    I just found your blog a week or so ago and I love it! Your experiences are so similar to mine. Good luck with this guy on Thursday! I hope to hear great things about the date!

    • Thanks Citygirl! Guys do make great dating coaches and I too wish we could go back to ‘old school’ dating ways. I swear that online dating promotes wandering eyes and never being satisfied with who you’re with at the time for fear that you’re missing someone ‘better’. At least I think that’s how guys view it …

      I hope to be posting great things about Thursday as well! 😉

      • You know GG, this is very true. Online dating does promote wandering eyes and never being satisified for fear that you’re missing someone better. Not just for guys, though. For women too. I suffered from that when I started dating my current boyfriend (via Match.com) — it took months for me to quit thinking I was missing someone better — months. So not fair to him. So not fair to me. Lots of time was wasted with that bullshit mind game. :/

  4. lafinwitu65 Says:

    Nothing wrong with getting excited about a potential date, If these guys cant appreciate a good woman and get scared off by an extra text or two, then thats their loss. As long as your not being a psycho stalker. its all good in the hood.
    I am flattered when a girl is overly nervous or excited about meeting me. There are good men online, but they get lost in all the noise of “expert daters” “serial upgraders” and general riff raff of emotionally unavailable men out there.

    I own a tux and am available for holiday rentals…. :o)

    You should do a New Years Eve Meet and greet for your followers, I am in.

    • Thanks. I know there are good guys online. It’s a shame they’re few and far between and buried beneath the ‘noise’ of the idiots……

      That would be SO fun for NYE Lafin’! I’m still hopeful I may actually be able to secure a date between now and then …….. maybe 😉

  5. Kay BeeBee Says:

    Aw … Hate those time wasters … Your prince will come and all those dicks that have messed you around will have done so for that reason! Without Internet dating I would have hardly anything to blog about!! Keep smiling and live your hope x (ps it could be worse I am FIFTY) x

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