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What Not To Say…….. October 30, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 4:08 pm

I heard the two best lines ever last night at the Match event.  By best of course, I mean horribly tacky and ridiculous.  Especially when you want to try and get someone’s attention and possibly her phone number.  The first was from a totally clueless guy who was quite proud of his opening line when exchanging messages with someone online.  It went something like this ‘nice to meet you.  your place or mine?’.  Uh, really?  I suspect that he will be single for a long time to come.  My response to that awesome question was ‘my place’.  Alone.  Luckily he will have a friend in his long to come career as a creepy single guy in the next gentleman I spoke with.  Now we all know my penchant for wearing inappropriately short dresses.  I balance that though with no cleavage, no heels and no other general whorishness.  It was a very pretty dress.  Just didn’t hit all the way down to 2″ above my knees.  Get over it.  Anyway, I wore very subtle jewelry and makeup as well as sandals to casual it down.  My watch however, I love.  It’s one of those wrap around watches with a really long band that snaps all over the place.  Basically I wrap it around my wrist twice and snap it so the two ends sort of stick out.  I know, I know, makes no sense and you’re probably wondering why the hell I’m rambling on about a friggin’ watch.  Well bachelor #2 seemed to like it.  Know how I know?  Because he asked me if I was planning on using it to tie him to his headboard later on that night.

Yeah ……… slim pickins last night, I tell ya’ 😉


4 Responses to “What Not To Say……..”

  1. Hahahah…well entertaining if nothing else!!!

  2. lafinwitu65 Says:

    I think to properly judge the innapproriate length of the dress we need to see some photos……..


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