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K, So What’s The Joke? November 3, 2012

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I don’t get it.  I’ve had my profile up for most of this year.  I’ve not gotten all that many responses to people I’ve contacted and even fewer ‘good’ messages from out of the blue (unless, of course, I were really looking for an ancient sugar daddy with one foot in the grave).  These past 2 weeks though, dare I say, normal guys are contacting me.  Crazy, right?  I’m starting to wonder if it’s just a big collective joke or if it’s the colder weather and I look ‘warm’?  Anyway, there are several men that contacted me first that didn’t actually make me want to run screaming from the room.  Go figure.  I am messaging with a couple of them.


My date last night chose a bar to meet at that I absolutely hate.  Of course, I didn’t say anything as I always let the guy pick.  After an initial bout of self doubt and thinking he was going to stand me up, he arrived.  And crazy as it may seem in the world of online dating, he looked like his pictures!  He’s 6’5″ and a bit on the goofy side, but I like that.  He’s also got a bunch of tattoos which, although I have a couple myself, aren’t really my thing.  After giving me a quick hug, we sat down and started talking.  Rather, he started talking and pretty much didn’t stop.  The poor guy hadn’t slept the night before due to work.  Add to that the fact that I’m pretty sure he was either nervous as hell or suffers from a severe case of ADD.  Regardless, we had a good time.  He’s funny, and bright and witty and was very sweet and complimentary to me.  I certainly needed that after my year of nitpicking and having all of my shortcomings ‘explained’ to me repeatedly.  Quite the nice change of pace.  Only thing is, I’m not positive that I’m attracted to him.  Don’t get me wrong as he’s a good looking guy, but there weren’t any initial sparks.  I know, I know, sparks fizzle and we will certainly go out again.   Any guy that looks at my profile twice in the 2 days prior to the date in order to study up and throws out the compliment of my dress being ‘bomber’ (which I assume is a good thing), that he thought I was pretty, that he thinks I’m ‘sweet’ (ha, silly man) and that he said he had a great time with me is certainly worth a 2nd date. 🙂


I was watching a lame movie on TV today while cleaning “Eat, Pray, Love” and there was a line in there that I need to take to heart.  As does everyone else.  It was something like ‘look with your heart, and not your eyes (or was it mind?)’.  What I took this to mean is that when you meet the right person, all the little idiosyncracies and habits that normally ‘bother’ you, won’t.  When you meet the right person, you’ll look past all of that and just see the good. (note to you TD:  if I was in fact the right person for you, instead of pointing out that you don’t think my house is clean enough (not that I have 2 jobs, 3 dogs and not enough hours in the day or anything), that I can be snarky at times, that we would never be able to live together …… you would just see me.  And all the good I have to offer.  If I was the right one for you, then none of those other ridiculous things would matter and you certainly wouldn’t have felt the need to point them out to me.  Just like I never told you that the fact that you keep dirty dishes in your sink is gross, that I think your house is messy or that you’re a whiner with a victim mentality.  Because I did think you were worth looking past all of that and knew that in the grand scheme of things, they didn’t really matter)


OH! And better even then having a good date was finding $15 in my jacket pocket!  Bonus!  Did I happen to mention that we actually ate dinner on our ‘date’?  I know!  I hate dinner dates, but the food was good and he practically fell off his chair laughing when I half heartedly offered to help with the bill. 🙂


8 Responses to “K, So What’s The Joke?”

  1. Jacs Says:

    Although I am one to love the increased messaging from the online dating, I’ve learned that November is the beginning of the ‘holidays’ and most don’t like to be alone during them. I hope that isn’t true, just been my experience. Good for you for going out there, and saying yes to the dates with these men – I can’t find the courage to do so after my last break up!

    • That’s what I figured Jacs with the holidays coming up and all. Meh, I guess we’ll see if anything comes of any of them. I used to meet just about everyone (heaven forbid I miss a good one, right?). Too bad none of them were ‘good ones’. 😉

      I’m sorry that you’re a little standoffish right now regarding dating, but that’s totally understandable. In time you’ll be ready again.

  2. Kay BeeBee Says:

    OMG … 6’5″ ….. I am soooooooo jealous … he didnt use that magic tape measure then that all the guys use on internet dating sites…. glad you enjoyed 🙂 x

  3. 1smiles Says:

    I’m 5’1” on a humid day. Everyone towers over me. The good night kiss can be more than a bit awkward.
    Glad you had a good time!

    • Thanks Smiles! No kiss was involved, just a quick awkward hug. Honestly, I haven’t kissed anyone other than TD in a year ……. oh wait, there was Vacation Fling in Vegas last month but I don’t really remember much of that (darn free cocktails) ……..

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