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Monday Man Count November 5, 2012

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I thought that title was a bit more chipper than ‘damn, today sucks’ don’t you think?  It has been a typical Monday though.  Boo.  I had a good weekend though.  A decent date on Friday.  A decent comedy show on Saturday.  A decent day on the lake on Sunday.  Now, I could end my post right here and we’d be all caught up, but that’s not really why you all are silly enough to read my stuff.  You want to hear about my dating.  Or lack thereof.  Or my ongoing retardedness with TD.  (which I wish there was a lack thereof).

Let’s start with the most annoying first.  And I’m not even talking about all the scary looking men and their grandfathers that have ‘favorited’ me on Match.  It’s just bad.  No, really.  Anyway, I told you all about TD and his awesome declaration of ‘never’ to me.  What I don’t think I made clear was his insistence that things didn’t happen the way they actually happened.  He doesn’t remember stating that I was ‘the one’.  He doesn’t remember that he’s the one that pulled me back in in January and again in February when I tried to walk away.  He doesn’t remember his numerous text messages and phone calls regarding how amazing I was and that he missed me.  He ‘remembers’ (and by remember, I mean is absolutely certain that his deluded version is the actual version) that I’m the one that always came back.  That’s he was ready for me to walk away and never see him again every time.  That I’m the one that always initiated ‘boundary issues’.  That I’m the one pretty much at fault.  Sure, he’s sorry and feels horribly guilty, but for all the wrong reasons.  Instead of feeling bad for initiating any boundary issues, he feels bad for going along with what he thinks I initiated.  You get the idea.  Me, bad guy.  Him, victim.  Yey.  The worst part of all of this is that contrary to popular belief that all bitches are good arguers, is that I suck at it.  I get nervous and rarely never want to intentionally make anyone feel  bad.  I will either laugh nervously or totally clam up.  I did both of these things with him.  I remember it all.  Every single word, action and event that happened.  I didn’t ‘remind’ him of any of it though.  I guess I didn’t feel the need to ‘win’ this disagreement.  I now feel like a total fool however as he still thinks that it was all me.  And probably still wonders why I have had such a hard time letting go since all he remembers is agreeing to ‘date’ and not that he had me convinced of ‘our’ future together.  Eh, whatever.  A blog friend asked me if he was slightly autistic.  Although I do think he may suffer from Asberger Syndrome (or just being an ass), I fear that I am the moron in this scenario.

Enough about him though.  Let’s talk more about my date from Friday!  You remember, the good one?  The one where he said he had a great time and would love to see me again?  Yeah, that one!  Haven’t heard a word from him.  Apparently I’m not all that worried about it as I haven’t tried contacting him either.  Boo.

As it’s the holiday season which is apparently some unwritten code for onine dating frenzy, I have several men asking me out.  It’s gotta be the season as I haven’t gotten this much attention all year.  Here’s the rundown:

E-Harm Guy #1 ~ was supposed to meet tomorrow but he needs to reschedule as he was actually stupid silly enough to schedule on his friggin’ birthday and his friends are taking him out.  I’ll give him a pass for that.  Not sure that I’ll be attracted to him, but he seems really nice.  We are supposed to get together sometime next week.

E-Harm Guy #2 ~ could quite possibly be 55+ but claims to ‘only’ be 49.  No clue if I’ll follow through on meeting him as he also said he’s 5’10” which pretty much means 5’8″

Match Guy #1 ~ pics are pretty darn cute.  He seems a bit ‘artsy’ though.  I’m anything but.  He wants to meet up sometime next week (what is wrong with this week, people?)

Match Guy #2 ~ might actually be the older brother of E-Harm #2 guy.  Wants to meet for ‘a beverage’ at an outdoor mall and then find a ‘suitable place to talk’.  Uhm, does this mean we’re not going to a bar?  Supposed to meet him on Thursday.

Match Guy #3 ~ could very well be a big perv.  Not sure.  He seems funny, but his profile is a bit iffy.

Now I realize that some of you are of the mindset that I should not go out with anyone that I am less than excited about as it’s just a waste of mine and his time.  And normally, I would agree.  However, these are special circumstances.  The holidays are coming up and I need to capitalize on my faux popularity while I can.  I am currently in my ‘old’ mindset of not wanting to judge too harshly regarding pics and profiles and subsequently miss out on someone good (and by good, I mean not absolutely horrendous).  Mostly though, I need to keep myself busy (not that my 2 jobs leave much time to ever be bored) and away from TD.  Yeah, you all knew he was going to come up yet again in this post, right?


OH! And the gal that I met last week at the Match Mixer that totally invited me to the mixer that’s tonight (that I didn’t get asked to) never contacted me!  Guess who she did go out of her way to stalk track down on Match (which had to have been hard to do as she knew next to nothing about him) and message?  Yup, that would be TD.  They talked for all of 2.7 seconds and didn’t even exchange names.  Geesh…….


5 Responses to “Monday Man Count”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Yup.. Monday sucks in my world too. Glad we both survived.

  2. Citygirl Says:

    Every Monday sucks except for a holiday one! I had a bad Monday yesterday. Practically had fights with guys I turned down. Some of them are so bitter when you politely tell them you are not interested!

    I am new to your blog and I don’t believe I have read every post about your relationship with TD, but I will go back and familarize myself! I think we need to take what guys say with a HUGE grain of salt until we get the commitment question (or did he say that to you? Like I said, I don’t know the ins and outs of what happened). Guys, I am learning (damn shame I’m learning this at 43) will say anything to keep you around, to see how you feel about them, or say anything without even thinking twice about it and then forget they said it. We lap it up and think it’s true because why would someone say something they didn’t mean? Obviously TD did all of the above and then conveniently puts all the drama on you. Typical.

    But glad you are out there and meeting more guys. Someone is BOUND to be a keeper, so hang in there. I would just be more guarded when guys say things that sound sweet and complimentary. They might mean some of the things they say, but it doesn’t hold any value for them. It’s their actions that we need to follow more closely.

    Funny, but I usually close my dating accounts during the holidays thinking not much is going to happen. Well, I won’t be doing that this time! It will be interesting to see what develops!

    • Hi Citygirl! Don’t close them! Apparently it’s a good time for finding dates! As my main motivation is just to be able to re-coup the price of membership in food and drinks (not really), I think I’m doing okay. 🙂

      Hmmm, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of TD and I ……. for the past year he’s asked me to be patient while he dates …… i’ve turned into a jealous, neurotic mess because of this and based on words he doesn’t even remember uttering …… i’ve asked him to tell me I’m not the one and he never has …… I tried to end our friendship many times and failed …… we’re weirdly codependent ……. I’m an idiot ….. he’s a train wreck ……… the end 🙂

      • Citygirl Says:

        Ugh! Why are men so confusing? Or are they simple and we just don’t see it? Or is it certain women like us that just gravitate toward these men? Sometimes I feel like I have a sign on my forehead that says, “Yep, shit all over me, I will take all you can give!” And why is it that some women, namely my married friends,are able to find men that seem decent enough to cohabitate with? Granted, now some of them wish they were single, but the fact that they actually went through the whole enagagement/married process is enough for me, I’ll worry about the I-can’t-stand-his-ass later. It’s so frustrating. So, ok, I will stay on these sites and see what happens. Should make the holidays a little more interesting.

        • Men are very simple creatures. We just overanalyze everything and create complications where there probably aren’t any. I’m a ‘fixer’ by nature, so ‘broken’ guys seem to gravitate to me and I, in turn, try to ‘help’ them. The thing with TD is that he really is one of the nicest people alive … just a clueless moron is all. Apparently that clueless moron stuff has rubbed off on me. Boo.

          Yes! Keep your profile up!

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