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What Do You Know, Miracles Do Happen November 9, 2012

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Well, I guess it’s not technically a miracle.  It’s not like I fell in love.  Or even more miraculous, someone fell in love with me.  I haven’t even won the lottery.  Mainly because I haven’t bought a ticket.  What I do have, much to my amazement, is confirmation from both guys that I am meeting with today.  We all (all 2 of you) know that whenever I try to double book, or pat myself on the back for setting up more than one date in a month’s time, that something inevitably happens and one, if not both (or all) of them cancel on me.  Surprisingly enough, they both confirmed today!  Yey me!  Better yet, is the potentially short, potentially old, potentially boring as hell guy that I was supposed to meet last night DID cancel on me!  Double yey me! 🙂 Of course he sent me a nice message that he’d met someone who he wants to concentrate on and therefore decided to cancel our meeting.  When I went to politely respond and wish him luck, he was online with an ‘IM Me Now’ blazing across his profile.  Although I had no desire to meet him, I really do hate liars.  I sent him a polite response wishing him well anyway ……. loser. 😉

Now while I fully realize that this weekend comes nowhere close to my exhausting (and asinine) 7 dates in 5 days from last year (which you may recall ended not so awesomely), I’m kinda proud of myself for this.  No, not for double booking on the same day.  That’s just a product of my nutty schedule.  Rather for even making dates.  And being excited to just go out and have some fun.  Want to know what I’m most excited about?  The place I’m going for lunch I’ve wanted to try forever and is supposed to have amazing burgers (’cause I’m low maintenance like that) and the place for happy hour has yummy hummus!  Sure, there will be guys attached to both food venues, but they’re secondary. 🙂  Nah, they both seem very sweet and funny, so we’ll see, but with my newly reclaimed ‘don’t care until there’s something to actually care about’ attitude, I’m all good.  And not obsessing about what I wear.  Or how my hair looks.  Or what I’ll say.  Or if they’ll like me.  They will.  I’m a peach!

To round out my already pretty good day, I heard from the guy I went out with last Friday as well.  He’s been crazy busy with work, but wants to get together again sometime.  I guess we’ll see………

If nothing else, when if all these guys go down in flames, I got a lovely message this morning from some dumbass guy in Wisconsin that ‘will be here next month and is looking for a wife’, that I can use as my fallback plan. 😉


6 Responses to “What Do You Know, Miracles Do Happen”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Yay for you! And I just moved to Wisconsin.. if you don’t hit it off with him, send him my way, lol!

  2. lafinwitu65 Says:

    “you gotta make hay while the sun shines”

  3. lifeandothermisadventures Says:

    Yikes. They breed ’em crazy in Wisconsin, I guess. Maybe it’s all those dairy products?

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