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I’m Full …… A Recap Of Friday’s Food-Fest November 11, 2012

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So all two we all know that I actually had 2 dates on Friday.  Both revolving around food.  Both out of my ‘normal’ (whatever that is) comfort zone.  Most surprisingly though, both followed through.

Date #1 who has yet to be given a blog name, suggested we meet at a great place that I’ve wanted to try for ages.  They make amazing burgers (sorry all you vegans out there).  Not the most delicate or ladylike of foods to eat on a 1st date, but as I’m neither delicate or ladylike, I thought it was a great idea.  He was very funny via e mail and phone calls so I knew it would be a good afternoon regardless of anything else.  I mean really, what tops great burgers and lots of laughs?  When he showed up I was a little surprised at how skinny he was.  Not waifish mind you, but I have to wonder, if push came to shove, if I would actually fit in his pants.  Minds out of the gutter people, I meant an empty pair.  I just can’t date someone who I’m larger than.  Anywhoo, he gave me a great big hug and we grabbed a table, proceeded to order 2 of the most ginormous burgers ever and had a good time.  We actually split burgers so we each try the other’s so that was cool.  Mine was better, just for the record.  We hung out for about an hour and a half before calling it a day.  We talked about any number of topics, the 2 other crazy women he’d met via E-Harmony (1 looked nothing like her picture and the other was planning vacations for the 2 of them to take after about 20 minutes), his job, my job, his kids, my dogs.  Lots of things.  I’m not sure that I’m attracted to him, but he certainly warrants a second date.  Which he said he would like to do.  As we all know, guys never lie about that stuff so I’m sure it will happen. 😉

Date #2 was supposed to take place over happy hour at another great place that has killer humus.  He called right before though and said he had changed his mind and was in the mood for a burger.  Really?  2 burger dates in the same day?  What are the odds?  Actually, what are the odds of me having 2 eating dates in one day (much less one month)?  So we met at another place that was uber casual that he liked.  Fine with me.  Too bad he was late.  And pretty much started complaining from the get go.  He didn’t like the area that the restaurant was in;  he didn’t like the parking lot;  he didn’t like all the kids running around.  Uhm, he suggested the place (which I absolutely reminded him of) so shut it.  He tried to hold my hand right away which I thought was odd.  He also declared that he currently weighed more than he ever has (no doubt I could fit into his pants if need be) before proceeding to order onion rings.  He was very nice, but had an uber disconcerting habit of just staring at me.  A lot.  I’m sure it wasn’t my stunning beauty, so not sure what that was about.  We had a nice dinner and after about an hour and a half (i guess that’s my limit for food dates) I suggested we go.  When the bill came, I offered to split it with him (no clue why) and he jumped all over that chance.  Not good.  Anywhoo, he did grab my hand this time which I still wasn’t comfortable with while walking me to my car.  He absolutely went in for a kiss and I avoided that so what ensued was a very long and tight hug complete with icky groaning noises from him.  No clue how I feel about any part of this date as I have a feeling that he’s a really  nice guy underneath all the complaints and weirdness.  Just not sure I’m willing to find out.

The moral of this story?  I’m am absolutely an awesome date when I don’t give a shit.  I didn’t worry about what I wore, what I said or how much I ate.  As a matter of fact, both guys complimented me on my ‘fiery’ personality.  If only I could find a guy I was totally into and could act as carefree with ……… *sigh*


8 Responses to “I’m Full …… A Recap Of Friday’s Food-Fest”

  1. Emilie Says:

    I personally like dinner dates because you can tell what kind of person the guy is by what he orders plus guys prefer girls who is not afraid to eat (so I’ve been told)

    the first guy seems like he is more normal and diffidently good for a second date…. as for the second one, I would stay away from him because if he complains right off the bat, chances he is a complainer about everything in everyday life (learned that throw experience).

  2. 1smiles Says:

    I agree that Date #1 is worth a second try.
    Date #2… I think he wants the ready-made relationship.. holding hands and wanting a kiss after a meet & greet..NOT!

    I’m glad you’re out there trying these guys on for size.. right along with their pants. (wink wink)

  3. Matthew Says:

    I’d say definitely keep #1 around and go for that second date. And though I usually am the type for giving benefit-of-the-doubt…#2…I don’t know…the picture you painted just doesn’t make it sound like a second date would be any better.

  4. SillyG Says:

    yep guy 2… i hate when they dont have the judgment to know that they shouldnt go in for the kiss.

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