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I’ve Been Neglectful November 19, 2012

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 7:29 pm

Not of my house.  Or my dogs.  Or my friends.  Or my boyfriends.  Oh, wait……… Yeah, I don’t have any of those.  I feel like I haven’t been keeping you all up to date on what’s been going on so I am making the supreme effort of plopping my ever expanding derrier down to catch you all (two) up on all that’s been happening with boys and dating and life and stuff.  Ready?







NOTHING.  That’s what’s been going on.  You’re all caught up now.  You’re welcome!

I promise to update should anything out of the ordinary happen.  Like if I were to give my phone number to some tool on E-Harmony only to have him suffocate me with 5,274 questions within the 1st 4 minutes of having it.  Yeah, that happened.  Today.  Lucky me.


4 Responses to “I’ve Been Neglectful”

  1. Citygirl Says:

    LMAO! Don’t worry, same scenario happening with me too. I’ve hit the delete button more times than the reply button. So sad. 2013? Perhaps that’s our year?

    • Hmmmm, sadly I thought 2011 was going to be my year ….. when that sucked I hoped for 2012 … we all know that hasn’t been the best so yes, I think 2013 is going to be the year for both of us!! 🙂

  2. Matthew Says:

    I’ve been working on something lately to e-mail you since things have “fallen through’ with the girl I was dating these last two months.

    Back to starting line for me.

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