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Thursday Night Recap December 1, 2012

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I would so love to tell everyone that my date went awesome!  He was handsome and witty and charming and funny and complimentary and chewed with his mouth closed and the date lasted for hours and hours and I didn’t look at my watch once.  Sadly, that’s not exactly how it played it.  He was nice.  And complimentary.  And chewed with his mouth closed.  However the date only lasted a bit over an hour and I did look at my watch.  Several times.  Darn it.  The food wasn’t even very good.  Double darn it.

I showed up, sans earings or lint brush (to remedy the fact that I was wearing black and had just picked the dogs up from the groomers) and he was very pleasant.  I think if I had to date someone who I described as pleasant though, I might actually stab myself in the eye with a fork.  Grandmothers are pleasant.  A stroll in the park is pleasant.  Although I don’t expect to be bowled over by lightning bolts or want to rip my date’s clothes off upon meeting, I do at the very least want my mind to wonder what it would be like to kiss them.  I assure you, that thought never crossed my mind.

I am doing my best on getting over the whole TD craptacular but I also know me.  As well as I think I’m doing (which, at the moment, isn’t very well), there is no way I will be completely ‘over’ him until I meet someone else.  That’s just me.  Although I don’t need to be with someone and have never lived my life as one big quest for a relationship (up until 2 years ago, apparently when the thought of dying alone became a definite possibility), it truly will take someone else to take my mind off of him.  Damn it.  And it certainly won’t be my date from Thursday night …….. 😉



7 Responses to “Thursday Night Recap”

  1. I’m curious, do you wear high heels when you’re hanging out? Like if you go out to restaurant or meet up with your friends for cocktails, do you wear heels?

  2. Ahhh…so many frogs, and not enough princes …

  3. Citygirl Says:

    Ugh, sorry to hear there were no sparks for you! Redneckprincess is right, too many damn frogs and not enough princes. You will get over TD and hopefully it won’t happen when you meet someone, but happen when there’s been enough time to get over it.

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