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How Not To Be Single December 8, 2012

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Oh wait, that makes it sound like I know how to meet men and couple up.  Which we all know I don’t.  I guess it would be more accurate to have titled this post ‘How Not To Spend Your Weekend When Single’, but that just sounds lame.  As I am kinda lame, I’ll go with that.  Wanna know why?  Because this is night number 2 of my weekend where I’m in my pajamas by 6pm.  With my dogs.  No, they’re not in pajamas.  That would just be silly.  As I haven’t been able to muster up the will to muddle through any of the online dating profiles of all the same men that have been on there for the past 2 years (nor have they changed their profile pictures, by the way), I have no dates set up.  I have no text messages to exchange with anyone.  I have no highly entertaining dating blog posts to share.  Lately my days have been filled with work, work, feel sorry for myself, work, play with the dogs, eat, drink, work and the occasional tear or two over you know who.  I guess I can look on the bright side as TCDLL (the closet dwelling lunch lady) hasn’t accepted my friend request so hopefully it didn’t actually get sent.

I did stalk her page again last night though.  Yeah, I know, I’ll just never learn.  She posted a new picture of her and her girlfriends.  I still don’t get it.  Aside from being petite with big fake boobs, I don’t find one thing attractive about her.  She has nasty permed hair paired with uber straight bangs that start way too far back on her head, crooked teeth, an asymmetrical face (no really, her nose just looks weird) and she dresses kinda interestingly.  Yup, that all sounded bitchy beyond belief.  Whatever it is about her that has TD so enchanted, I’ll never know as her personality doesn’t sound all that stellar either.  Aside from him getting to wear his superman cape with her, the best I can figure is that they are very similar in that they both seem to possess victim mentalities.  They’ve both been ‘wronged’ by recent past loves and I guess they bond over that.  Whatever.  They’re together tonight.  Her divorce was finalized on Friday.  She called TD from her closet when he was in Vegas.  He came back to today to spend it with her.  The broken mess of a woman who isn’t nearly as special as she should be.  Surprisingly, I’m not a blubbering mess ‘knowing’ that they’re probably snuggled up in front of the fireplace at his house …… right where I was this time last year. 😦

Anyway, last night was spent watching ‘Shark Tank’.  LOVE that show.  Love to watch the clueless and not so clueless entrepreneurs try to finagle money out of rich guys for their business start ups.  I find it fascinating.  Then again, watching paint dry would be more fascinating than anything I have going on in my life right now.  Tonight, I contemplated going shopping and then decided that I really do have a will to live and there was no way in hell I was going shopping on a Saturday night in December.  No way.  So I came back home, made a big fat cocktail, talked to someone on the phone that I shouldn’t have (he called me), and am now sharing what could quite possibly be the most boring blog post ever written.  By anyone.

I think I’m writing this post so that anyone else reading it can rejoice in knowing that their lives are much more exciting than mine.  That however lame you feel your weekend has been so far, mine has been lamer.  Want to know why, exactly, I’m so certain of this?  I hate to shatter anyone’s misperception that I’m actually a fun person with a raging social life, but the actual highlight of my weekend is that I figured out how to play words with friends on my phone.  By myself.  Yup, that’s right.  I am both players so I’m playing myself.  If that isn’t the saddest thing you’ve ever read, then please let me know……….

You’re welcome



15 Responses to “How Not To Be Single”

  1. lafinwitu65 Says:

    I love shark tank, I would so be on there begging for money, just gotta come up with that million dollar idea.
    Congrats on the “Words with friends” victory yayyyy!!! :o)

  2. Jacs Says:

    As soon as I get my iPhone ( yay X-mas!) I will play words with friends with you! 🙂

    Ps. I blogged last night too – in my Dave Matthews t-shirt with the largest glass of wine I could find, and a couple tears at my unabashed optimism. I’m such a girl sometimes….

  3. Been there done that. Seriously its not all bad. Sometimes being single is easier…just saying 🙂

  4. Matthew Says:

    It must be a Words With Friends week. You’re the second person I know who was playing…(I don’t play…just heard).

    And what’s wrong with shopping on a Saturday night? That’s kind of my plan for this upcoming Saturday considering that my family didn’t e-mail me gift ideas until TODAY!

    Do normal, sane, single, late 20’s/early 30’s cute women go shopping at the mall on a Saturday in mid-December???

  5. Citygirl Says:

    Don’t worry, I spent last Saturday on the couch with my 12 year old watching the first season of Scandal. I started falling asleep at the second episode, but I really like the show! Headed to bed at 10:20pm, so don’t feel bad! Tonight I am going to a Match.com event in my area. Never been to one, should be interesting.

    • Hey, at least you had human company 🙂 How was the match event? They’re usually hit or miss here ……

      • Citygirl Says:

        The Match event was interesting. There were a few bold and confident guys that approached my friend and I, but neither one of us found anyone worthy of a date, but a good experience overall. I’ll try another again. I’ve got to stop hiding behind he computer and get out more.

  6. Michael L Says:

    Trust me, your dating life is like disneyland compared to mine lol.

  7. everevie Says:

    Wow…I’m behind on reading/commenting. I just had to say: Yep…she is not attractive. Doesn’t hold a candle to you. I do NOT get what he sees in her.

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