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What I Did On My X-Mas Break December 29, 2012

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1) Spent 2 weeks off work from job #2 …….. 1st week because I couldn’t physically walk, part of 2nd week because I didn’t want to go back to work (you’d think I was independently wealthy with a mindset like that)

2) Went to TD’s to pull some pictures off of his computer for a collage I was making only to accidentally delete one.  Only to go into the ‘recycle bin’ on his computer (the family computer, not any of the 3 ‘personal’ computers he has in his room/office) in order to retrieve it and instead was faced with 2 deleted pages for ‘Victoria’s Secret Sexy Lace Halter Babydoll’ whore-wear lingerie.  Apparently underpaid lunch ladies like slutty apparel.

3) Spend Christmas with TD and his kids (and his entire extended family) and have his sister in law ask if I felt ‘weird’ being there on the outskirts.  And then correcting herself and saying, oh wait, this is your job so you’re probably used to it.

4) Acted like a big baby X-Mas night when TD and his kids started a movie without telling me while I was still in the kitchen doing the dishes and got the wrath of TD’s pent up frustrations in return

5) ‘Got’ to meet a friend for lunch only to have him tell me that he was running 20 minutes late.  Exactly 2 minutes before we were supposed to meet.

6) Found out last night, via a slip of the tongue from TD’s son when they came over to my house to install a ceiling fan, that they were all going skiing this weekend.  Not only was I not invited (which I never expected to be), but his kids were instructed not to even tell me.

7) Realized that I don’t handle being lied to repeatedly.  Regardless of the good intentions behind the lie/half truth/omission/bullshit story, a lie is a lie is a lie

8) Actually realized in Christmas day, as we were cooking side by side, how annoying TD really is and thinking to myself ‘damn, I don’t think I could ever be with such a know it all’ ………. then of course, immediately telling my inner voice to shut up

9) Had TD finish off my ‘honey do’ list

10) Told TD, almost a year to the date too late, that I was done.  Only to have him tell me what a drama queen I am and that he is done.  Only to have me know in my heart of hearts that he’s the real loser in all of this.  I may have lost a ginormous part of my life in him, but he hasn’t been a good one lately (or for a long time).  He has lost an amazing part of his.  I made that family happier and did more for them than anyone ………. ever.  I’ll miss his kids ridiculously but try not to miss him as much as I fear I will.  I deserve better.  I know I do.  Sadly, I have not been my best self lately.  I need to figure a lot of things out.  And try to never let myself get in a situation like that again.  Ever.


10 Responses to “What I Did On My X-Mas Break”

  1. SillyG Says:

    Done. Now thats it with this guy. Like really… you were doing dishes with your messed up back when they were relaxing at a dinner with his family. I want to slap you both!! Now take care of yourself for a while….

  2. Kay BeeBee Says:

    Never accept anything less than you are worth in a relationship … stay strong … he didnt deserve you for sure ..HUGS x

  3. Good for you! You’ve just made room in your life for something really good to happen! Wishing you the best 2013 ever…you deserve it!

  4. I’m glad. You need a healthy relationship, not this one. I’m not criticizing TD or you, just saying that THIS hasn’t worked. Good luck in 2013..

    • Re: “… TD and his kids started a movie without telling me while I was still in the kitchen doing the dishes …”
      Let them do their own dishes. And it’s not being a baby when you complain after they treat you like a cleaning lady; it’s setting reasonable expectations. Good on you…

      • Ahhh SD, I know you held out hope, just like I did, from the beginning ……. things are SO different now (and for way too long) and I still stuck around even though I knew better. I am certainly not the same person I was before I met him …… and I don’t think I’ve changed for the better. Damn …… I can’t change the past though … I can only hope to do better in the future!

        Hope your 2013 is off to a great start!!!

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