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If This Is Any Indication, Then 2013 Is Going To Suck! January 2, 2013

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So I received a wink from a gentleman one town over.  While his profile was very straightforward (aka: harsh) it also contained a bit of humor at the end saying that if he sends a wink or an e-mail, to take it seriously.  He also stated that he looked forward to hearing from the ‘firecracker’ who contacts him.  I opted to take him up on that challenge and sent a cute, lighthearted message.  You tell me what you think:

Me:  Soooooo, how come I only got a wink instead of a full fledged e-mail?  (and I signed my name)

In response, I get:

Thanks….I’d love to play “20 questions” but not via e-mail..My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx…asking you to call me is a BS filter—–I want reality,…. Please be real  (and he didn’t sign his name)

My first instinct was to think this guy is an asshole.  As I’m working on not reacting so fast and thinking things through a bit more in 2013 though, I waited until today to reconsider what my reply should be.  Yup, same as yesterday, I think his message was rude, so this is what he got:

Wow, uhm, although I am very ‘real’ and find BS a huge waste of time, I’m not a fan of starting anything off on such a negative and cynical note, so I am going to pass on making use of your phone number.  Best of luck in your search.

As an unsolicited word of advice, you might want to remove the chip from your shoulder and actually include your name when responding to someone.

And then I blocked the big idiot ……….. whose screen name happened to be “PerfectGntlmanXXXX” ……. uhm, I’d like to disagree (and truth be told, to unblock him so I can see if he responds …… but that would be immature, right?) ;-p


4 Responses to “If This Is Any Indication, Then 2013 Is Going To Suck!”

  1. SillyG Says:

    you should have sent him the 19 other questions for him to prep for the never to happen phone call

  2. He was a little abrupt for sure…but….you know the shit you have to sift through yourself right? I just think first message is too soon to call someone though. There is sifting through and just being bloody impatient. Happy New Year!!!

    • That’s an understatement 😉 If he was the least bit pleasant or polite, I might have considered it, but do I really want to random online guy to have my number and be able to track down my entire life story? (not that he’d find anything all that interesting, but it would lead him straight to my business website)

      Happy New Year to you as well RNP! I hope 2013 is off to a great start for you!

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