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I May Be Down A (non) Best Friend, But ………… January 7, 2013

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I have TWO dates this week!  Okay, not dates, but 1st meetings.  Calling them dates makes me feel like not quite such a loser though.  Both of the guys contacted me from the same dating site.  Not to name drop, but it rhymes with Me Harp-On-Me.  Ugh, I suck at rhyming.  Anyway, they both contacted me on Friday and I almost didn’t respond to either.  There is a list of ‘must have’s’ on that sucky site that you exchange with one another and both, BOTH had ‘sexually knowledgeable’ as one of their 10.  Really?  Out of the 40 or so options to choose from, they chose that one?  I guess I really am a prude in my old age because I got offended.  And then figured they were probably married to frigid bitches in the past and as guys usually suffer from (sorry guys) foot-in-mouth syndrome, I opted to give them both a pass on that.  Until they both selected another somewhat ‘suggestive’ question to send out of the pre-written choices.  As I realized I had the same question that I sent out, I let it go.  😉

One has been texting me all day and is definitely pushing my boundaries of what I’m looking for.  He lives far, his hair is too long, he has a weirdly long goatee, he’s blue collar and he has pictures of his drum set on his profile.  As I know all of these things are bitchy of me to pick on, I gave myself a stern talking to.  Hair can be cut.  Goatees can be shaved off in their sleep.  At least he’s employed and a hard worker.  Too bad I’m fairly certain that he’s not my type.  I’m not making it very easy on him though and I’m not sure that we have enough in common, but I’ll never know if I don’t at least try, right?  We’re meeting next Monday.

Bachelor #2 may be my match.  In the smart ass department.  He works for a beverage supply company (hello?  Grey Goose?) in the corporate finance department.  He’s funny.  He’s blunt.  He’s sarcastic.  He thinks I’m funny (and hopefully not just in the looks department).  And he’s tall.  Best part?  He texted me a good morning this morning.  He texted me a ‘how was your day’ when he got off work.  He then actually picked up the phone and dialed my number!  We had a fun conversation on the phone.  What does he have going against him, you ask?  And you know that everyone always has a ‘con’ list going with me ….. because I’m bitchy like that.  I’m not sure I’ll be attracted to him.  And, more importantly ……. he has food issues.  Like major picky eater syndrome.  And doesn’t like cheese.  I’m thinking his vodka connections may outweigh the food stuff though.  We’re meeting on Thursday.

As I’m apparently not as attractive, funny, loveable or awesome as I had once hoped, maybe it’s time for me to stop being so fucking picky.  I’m sure I can do better than a self involved, hurtful hottie who takes every opportunity to put me down while simultaneously doing really nice ‘things’ for me in an awesome ‘smoke and mirrors’ kinda routine he has going.



7 Responses to “I May Be Down A (non) Best Friend, But …………”

  1. Jacs Says:

    To quote a conversation earlier today ‘Ya I agree. People are so steadfast in their requirements that if there is a deviation slightly it’s unacceptable. I have standards but I also am realistic.’ Don’t lower your standards just allow outside the box a little. I feel like your situation and mine are eerily similar – including the first 7 days if the new year being excruciatingly painful for dating. Ill post soon so you can see lol but don’t give up! More vodka and cheese for you!!! Cheers!!!

    • Jacs, the first time I read your blog, I thought we had a scary amount of things in common 😉

      I can’t give up (don’t you either) ….. otherwise we’d be forced to buy our own drinks for all eternity 🙂

  2. ifUseekAmy Says:

    The whole doesn’t like cheese thing kinda freaks me out. The guy I had a great date with last week (and am seeing again on Friday) doesn’t like cheese or Italian food. Umm, I love cheese to the point where I want to marry it. And Italian food? My last name says it all. I grew up cooking and eating it. We might be doomed before it even really starts.

    Good luck on these ‘meetings’!!!!

    • Yey for your good date Amy! I vaguely remember going on one or two in my distant past……… Yes, I am well aware of your love of all things cheese! Could be a problem ……. does he at least drink? 😉

      • ifUseekAmy Says:

        Yes, he does drink. Thank god. Otherwise, I’d be left eating all the cheese and drinking all the booze and become a cheese stinking, drunk fatty. I mean, more than I already am.

  3. Good luck! I like your attitude; it’s very open and endearing. I’m sure the guys you meet will respond well to it. If they have potential, you’ll have their attention.

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