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Does He Know He’s Doing It Backwards? January 8, 2013

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Minds out of the gutter people.  I sent an e-mail to a guy on Match yesterday.  Whoops, I didn’t warn you;  I hope no one passed out.  It was short and cute and kinda witty (if I do say so myself).  What did I get in response?  A wink.  WTF?  If someone sends you a message, you send a message back.  Unless you’re a) really stupid b) really new to online dating c) really cheap and not paying for an actual membership that allows you to send messages.  Uhm, what’s the point of that?  The big dummy.


In other big dummy news,  I was going to go see TD’s son at his new job tonight.  He’s only 15, but got a fun job at a cool restaurant/bar in town as a bus-boy.  Not too glamorous, but pretty impressive nonetheless.  Anyway, I have NO clue what TD has told them about my latest disappearance and as adamant as I am about not seeing TD, I am having a bit of an issue disengaging from the kids.  His son has been texting me for the past 2 weeks to come in and see him.  So I told him I was going to come in tonight!  And he apparently told TD as I got a text ‘offering’ for he and his daughter to come meet me.  Uhm.  Boo.  I would LOVE to see his daughter, just not him.  Now here’s where everyone needs to sit down and hold on tight before reading further.  I told him that I would be happy to pick his daughter up and take her to dinner! 🙂  Yey me!  The ‘old’ pathetic me would have just said ‘okay’ see you then!  But I didn’t!  He sucks.  I win.  Oh wait ……….


Now, as for my 2 upcoming ‘meet ups’.  The funny one with food issues is still on.  The other one, well, I’m less excited about.  He sent me a message on E-Harm the night before last and I have acted like I never saw it.  He mentioned it last night to me and I played dumb.  Then he texted me this morning to see if I’d had a chance to answer it yet (uhm, isn’t that a redundant question as if I’d actually answered it, wouldn’t you have the message with my response?).  I lied and said I was working all day and wouldn’t have a chance to get online until tonight.  Want to know what the question was?  No, nothing dirty.  Just something that I don’t really have the desire to respond to.  He wants to know which 10 songs would be the ‘playlist for my life’.  Okay, granted, that’s sort of a good question.  Too bad that although I do enjoy music, that I probably couldn’t name 10 songs if you had a gun to my head.  And what the hell would I put anyway?  Feel free to send me 10 train wreck songs to describe my life so I have something to send him.  🙂


Oh, and I bet you anything that TD will just somehow happen to show up at the restaurant ………..


2 Responses to “Does He Know He’s Doing It Backwards?”

  1. Omg….Eharm guy with the playlist question?! WTF?! Lol….you have to laugh at some of these people I guess. I think some people actually think that type of information is a window into someone’s psyche or personality but I’m not sure that it is. Him pressing you for an answer made me cringe so I can only imagine what it did for you! ;-). Who knows though…maybe he will be amazing!

    • Maybe Mary …… but probably not 😉 He was bugging me again this morning and I just told him that although I like and can appreciate music, I don’t know artists and or song names. I just know what I like. He backed off after that ……. I don’t hold out much hope for him, but maybe he’ll surprise me! 🙂

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