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It’s About Time ……. January 13, 2013

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So this weekend turned out to be an unexpected (and badly needed) surprise.  Of the good variety for a change instead of the shitstorm variety that seems to be my norm lately.  My BFF from college that I rarely get to see texted me on Friday to say that they were coming to town the next day.  Just for one night.  And guess who is the only person that they scheduled time with?  ME!  Yey!  I got to have dinner with she, her husband and her daughters at a great  place on Saturday night.  Yummy food, lots of laughs and some damn fine margaritas!  She didn’t know about the whole TD thing, so I filled her in on the highlights which went something like this:  TD and I are through as his cafeteria lady/crossing guard/ horse faced girlfriend is hugely jealous and TD has somehow interpreted that as ‘GG must be punished’ so I told him to shove it.  Bitter much?  Anyway, I had too look up the closet dweller on FB for all of them to see and right on cue, and one of the reasons I love them all so much, they all sorta cringed when they saw her.  Which ultimately means that my personality really must suck if I get passed over for something like that.  They were all a bit confused as to how TD found someone who did repeated drive bys, stalked my FB page (hypocritical, I know) and told TD he couldn’t see me anymore appealing, but whatever.

So I usually get remanded to meeting my BFF and family for breakfast.  It’s a rarity that I get the dinner shift.  That usually goes to her other friends in town.  Not only did I get the dinner shift, but also got the breakfast shift this morning!  Yey me!  See how little it takes to make me happy?  Too bad her ex husband showed up to breakfast.  And was stupid enough to act like we were long lost friends.  Believe me, we’re not.  I’m fairly certain his last words to me were ‘you’re just a stupid, fat, Jew’.  And then he threw a briefcase at me.  17 years ago.  Obviously I hold a grudge.  😉 Anyway, her daughter who goes to our old college was in town as well and I think we’re going to go see her sometime next month for a weekend.  Which would be awesome!  Then this same daughter turns 21 in April, so of course, that will require a trip to Vegas.  I hope this all pans out as I apparently have a wide-open social agenda these days.

In more dating oriented news, today was my coffee date.  With the guy who actually looked like his pictures.  And who I could possibly see myself wanting to kiss at some point in the future.  He was funny and nice and asked some good questions.  Too bad for him I almost cancelled.  And didn’t bother to shower before showing up.  Remember that post not even a week ago where I said I was going to put some effort into looking pretty for my dates?  Yeah, I guess not.  I wore jeans and penny loafers and white socks.  Not quite the vision of loveliness.  He didn’t seem to mind though.  We chatted for almost 2 hours, so we’ll see.  I refuse to get excited about anyone anymore, so let’s just hope I hear from him again.  As I could do with some male attention from someone who doesn’t make me want to stab myself.

All in all, not a bad weekend….. even with TD’s daughter texting me a picture of the 1st loaf of bread that she made in the bread machine I gave her for Christmas 😦 I can’t believe I wasn’t there for the inaugural test run.  And horse face was.  😦 Boo me.  Very sweet that she did that.  And I’m fairly certain that it was on TD’s suggestion.


2 Responses to “It’s About Time …….”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Glad that silver lining came shining through, even in the form of an awesome friendship!

    I know I’ve been MIA in regards to my “love” life, but let me give you a quick rundown so you don’t think everything is hunky dory (yeah, I said it)…the woman I went on 3 dates with has suddenly gone MIA.

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