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Not So Fast On That 1st Kiss January 15, 2013

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Yup. So coffee date from Sunday was the 1st guy I could see myself kissing in waaaaaaay tooooo long.  No, I can’t see myself with him long term, but short term isn’t so bad right now.  Beats hanging out with my dogs (and no, that’s not a hip term for friends like ‘homies’) every weekend.  I think I’m making progress on the judgy shit as I was able to look past the blingy jeans, white tennis shoes and striped hoodie that he was wearing.  I even looked past the ketchup stain which I am positive he didn’t know about.  I concentrated on his humor and personality as well as the fact that he still had all of his hair (bonus in my age group apparently).  I looked past the fact that he was apparently so comfortable with me that at one point he slung one of his legs over the arm of the chair. And then again when he actually slouched in the chair.  Uhm……no judgement. Ha!  Okay, maybe just a little.

Anyway, I was just totally my unshowered self.  I was funny (and not just looking), relaxed, honest and yes, just a tad bit snarky.   And he seemed to like it.  And me.  He told me I was pretty and fun.  (you know how I love an empty compliment) We laughed a lot and stayed for almost 2 hours.  Not too bad for a coffee date.  We talked about going out again when he walked me to my car and gave me a big fat hug.  He even told me that he was actually going to assign my phone number a name in his phone.  What?  Apparently he doesn’t bother entering girls into his phone until deems them worthy.  Was I looking forward to seeing him again?  Sure.  Why not.  I vaguely remember how much I used to like to kiss. 🙂

I’m going to have to read back in this blog and reminisce about it apparently as I haven’t heard a peep from Mr Coffee Date.  Darn.  I guess I didn’t get entered into his phone after all.  Maybe he didn’t like the fact that I told him he was in my phone as ***** – Vegas Showgirl – Match.  ‘Cause apparently I do enter everyone in my phone and need to be able to keep them all straight.  Whoopsie.  Just as well because when I asked him what his favorite restaurant was in town, he said Chipotle.  Uhm…….

Oh, and I cancelled on the musician last night.   And don’t have many other options.  Looks like it’s going to be a while before that kiss opportunity comes around.  Sigh.


4 Responses to “Not So Fast On That 1st Kiss”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Chipotle? Come on. At least at Taco Johns you can get a 6-pack and a Pound. 😉

    • OMG Matthew; I LOVE Taco Johns! We don’t have them out here though 😦 Boo.

      Yeah, I’ve never had anyone give me the name of a fast(ish) food place as their favorite ‘restaurant’ ……

      • Matthew Says:

        I would serious lose a little respect for someone who did that. I mean, I can appreciate the simpler things in life (I’m CRAVING some IHOP right now)…but come on, it’s not my favorite restaurant.

        • Hahaha, right? I love Taco Bell when I’m hungover (uh, which is never), but I wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘restaurant’ ……. as I haven’t heard from him, I don’t think I’ll need to worry myself about his inability to differentiate Chipotle from a ‘real’ restaurant

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