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And The Countdown Begins …….. Again January 17, 2013

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Gee, the options for what that title could mean are endless.  Since we’re already past New Year’s, that would be sorta lame.  Since my birthday isn’t for another 7 1/2 months, that would be lame as well.  Especially since I’m planning on turning 36 again.  🙂 I could be counting down until my 1st kiss of 2013.  My first bike-ride of 2013.  My first just about anything.  What I’m actually counting down to blows away the other options in terms of how excited I am.  Nope, no plans to go to Vegas anytime soon.  Or on another cruise.  Or another date for that matter.  Okay, chances are, I’ll go on several more dates before I take my next cruise but whatever.

This countdown is special.  Very special.  I’ve opted to stop half assing some things in my life.  I’m trying to get back to my old mindset of ‘why bother doing it if you’re not going to do it right?’.  And hell no, I’m not talking about my gym membership.  Or eliptical machine (which is presently piled with clothes ……. laundry day, you know).  I’m talking about the end of my online dating memberships.  Yey me!  Both Match & E-Harmony expire this weekend.  And I couldn’t be happier about that.  I seem to be doing okay with the whole TD implosion and being on my own.  It’s not so bad.  I have a nice house, awesome doggies, 2 jobs that keep me a little too busy lately and a few very good friends locally.  Oh, and TiVo.  Let’s not forget that.  I think I’m good to go.  And I am seriously doubting that I will meet ‘the one’ for me online.  At least not next week as I have no intention of renewing.

At least not right now 😉 You’ll all be glad to know, however, that I was able to recoup the cost of both memberships in cocktails, dinner and coffee dates though.  Too bad none of them panned out to be anything more than that.  Boo.


12 Responses to “And The Countdown Begins …….. Again”

  1. Kay BeeBee Says:

    I ditched mine on the 31st December … after 3 years on and off them it feels quite liberating … BE LUCKY without x

  2. A break is a good thing….maybe you should break out the Eliptical!!!

  3. Citygirl Says:

    Mine ends on Valentine’s Day, lol! If I don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day from a guy I met on that site, I will not be renewing it! Good luck, and join that gym! Good possiblity you could meet someone there. Might try it myself!

    • Haha, nice end date for your membership! 🙂 I guess dealing with muscle heads from the gym couldn’t be any worse than dealing with nimrods online right? Oh wait, I’ll actually have to GO to the gym …….. hmmm ……

  4. Janet in Philly Says:

    Just unplugged from OKStupid last weekend. The last 2 messages were from a 23 year old and a married guy, and the last ‘date’ was 15 minutes, tops. Guy looked like the love child of Charlie Brown and the Pillsbury Doughboy.
    I’m sooo over online dating. Give me my girlfriends, my travel and my hobbies!

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